Third Time's the Charm

Once- the kiss was okay,

We had just come back from the fair and I couldn’t resist his blue eyes,

Smirking grin staring like me like we were about to explore a whole new chapter

We were just friends, and well still are, but we were naive and wanted to explore


Twice- it was better, awkward, but better

We had just finished playing video games in the living room when I looked into his brown eyes, goofy grin, and finally went in, making the first move

He turned his head and I ended up kissing him on the cheek, a little embarrassing

But we recovered with our first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend

And while I enjoyed each kiss after, there was something missing,

Or well, something different. 

I knew it still was not the right one


Third- it was the best

She had long curly brown hair and dark eyes that captured my spirits

And drew me in like no other.

I was hooked from the first time we brushed against each other,

A little too close. 

There was something about kissing a girl that made everything seem different.

A whole new world had started.


Third time’s the charm they say, and in my case, third time’s the first time it felt right.

My first kiss with a girl happened when playing a kissing game with her and my friend.

I had only known her for a short period of time, but I knew there was a spark somewhere,

A little flame just waiting for the oxygen to ignite

3, 2, 1, go! We began leaning in, fast then all at once

Like there were no cares in the world,

No boundaries separating us

And then it happened

And then it happened again, and again,

Each time better than the last


So yes maybe my first kiss, and second kiss, did not exactly feel right

But I know for a fact that third time’s the charm

And I sure as hell am ready to find out what happens next

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