To Her, From Me

to my dearest,

i remember seeing you for the first time

i remember falling for you for the first time

it was like jumping off of a cliff

& not worrying about the fall

it was about what it feels like to fly

& as close as I got to the ground

i just closed my eyes and hoped that I’d fall in your arms

& you did

you caught me.



your love is like a candle.

i hold it, but gently.

ever so slightly,

my arms opened up

& so did yours

we walk



you’re my song

toward each other

the beautiful curves that slide down our bodies

turn into light

we’re so light

we burst


first, we’ll burn down this city

then, we’ll burn down this world.


we’re so small

so naive

this little world

little us

little me, you, this,

this abyss of water and dirt

floating in space

that i desperately want to escape

with you

i’ll let the night take me away

past the street lights

the hum of those bulbs

flickering in & out

as ill come & go

ill let the night take me away

& keep me awake

to finish what i started

we’ll be successful

i’ll build a rocket for us

to fly away from here.




just maybe,

i was able to grasp onto your heart,

tied with string,

like yours did with mine


just maybe,

i was able to tie it into a bow,

bottle it up,

& pour it in a cup

im tipsy off of your love

im running out of bottle caps

& paper towels

you're my only source of happiness

a doctor wouldn't even be able to prescribe.

i crave you.

i miss you.


sincerely, me

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