Mom, I'm Gay.


Mom I'm Gay


This is it Mom

I've shed the cocoon of heterosexuality we are all born wearing.

Mom please no wait stop screaming.

And amist the cursing, damning, and prayers to god

I yell

No wait please I'm sorry I'll try harder

I'll step back into the cocoon just a little while longer.

I fear I'll never become a butterfly

for you.

And when I do


Will the curses spew forth again?

Will your lips curl at the word lesbian like it burns your lips?

Will I be forced to become someone I was never meant to be?

What will it take to quell your undeniable thirst for a normal daugther?

A boyfriend? A husband? 3, 4, 5 biological children concieved the "normal" way?

No Mom

I refuse

You will not be the entomologist of my life.

Because I refuse

Happiness is a drug and I refuse to be put on detox just to make you comfortable.

Because I am a butterfly

I'm shredding the cocoon and leaving you to pick up the pieces.

Because I can fly.




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