The moon has phases, but my sexuality does not.
However, I will not take your ignorance as an insult.
Your ignorance is a compliment. Every time you say that it is "just a phase" you are asking what stage of life I am in.
You are questioning if I am a waxing crescent, about to show my self.
Or if I am waning gibbous, coming down from a high of being myself and living for me.
You ask how am I, a misspoken phrase you were not aware you even said.
You say I am the moon, a celestial body of the heavens.
You say I am a goddess, shrouded in darkness yet the only light that can show you the way.
You say I am a god, a warrior willing to fight the sun just to show my face even though you all sleep through it.
I know you will not see me.
Just as the dark side of the moon is not visible I will shy away from your human hatred.
Your hatred is almost as big as the moon, the full 14.6 million square footage.
I will not let affect me for I am the moon.
I am a god, I am a goddess.
More powerful than you will ever believe.
But you can't believe in much, do you?
I mean why should you, you can't even believe that it's not just a phase.

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