I`m Sorry

You want me to hide.

You think its unreal.

You think its just a phase.

I`ll get over it in a year or two you say but no mom that`s not true.

I love her, you may not understand it but I do.

She is perfect in my eyes.

You think I`m destroying what you think is right,

but that`s not what I want for myself.

I want happiness and she gives that to me.

Every time I hear her name I smile uncontrollably.

I`m sorry you can`t understand my sexual preference,

but you are supposed to love me no matter what anyone else thinks.

You act like I`m slowly killing you in some way.

I don`t understand why I have to be unhappy so you can be happy.

I love you but you don`t seem to get that.

I`m not trying to hurt you or "get back at you" i just want happiness.

She is my happiness, she is amazing to me.

Her soft skin, her tinder lips, her long hair, her perfect body, and most of all her kind heart.

I don`t know if you`ll ever understand it but someday i hope you accept it,

and welcome her in with open arms.

She`d open her arms for you but will you ever do the same?

Maybe someday or at least I hope so.

I love you and I want you to be there through everything with her and be happy for me.

No judgment, no lectures about how this "lifestyle" is wrong just be there,

through both the ups and the downs.

I have opened the door of my closet and it will never be closed again.

I love you both, I want you both in my life,

but if you cannot accept us then I am sorry to say it but I may not accept you.

I`m out and proud.

I wish you could be proud of my courage,

but I`ll take what I can get for now.

I love you both.


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