Straight Or Gay, We Are All The Same


Have you ever had a secret in which you've held awhile;

You see in the eyes of others that you're perceived odd or even vile;

For you being different does not make you gross;

If anything, you're certainly tidier than most;

People are judgemental, but the majority will understand;

And if they don't, who cares, be happy and take a firm stand;

Nobody is perfect, but no one is normal either;

Do peoples opinions really matter, or is it something deeper;

You know who you are and you know what you believe;

Don't worry about the negatives, just sit back, relax and breathe;

Be who you are, regardless of others perspectives;

For this is your life, filled with your own objectives;

No need to feel alone or isolated from your peers;

Take these words, apply them, keep them as a souvenir;

You're beautiful the way you are, remeber that when times get rough;

For everything will be fine, everything will come together soon enough;

Don't be ashamed, don't feel distraught;

You've dealt all these years, so many battles you've fought;

Keep that smile on your face,just like you've kept your integrity;

We all have struggles, I for one understand, I feel you sympathetically;

Tomorrow is a new day, make it to your liking;

Just be yourself, be free, be bold, simply stay enticing;


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