She and I


 She opens my eyes
to a new world,
a new universe,
full of happiness;
happiness to be with the one I love
but also, a new world full
of hurt.
They are constantly staring,
plotting against us,
laughing, with fingers pointing.
Terrified, I see fights breaking out.
I look into this new world
and find fiery horror.
What would the kids think
to see this beautiful love
burn up into flames
by the people who are against
true love?
What would you do
if your love was put to a halt
by people who can't see true love
behind the image of same gender love?
The pain aches in me.
I close my eyes,
shutting out that horrible, frightening world,
a world we call our own.
But instead, I look into a world full of love,
full of hope for a better future;
a future that can withstand the power of love
and distinguish all forms of hate;
a future for
my love and I.


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