Blue Eyes


Looking into blue eyes

Two guys, one love, nothing to hide

Starry nights, clear skies, stars aligned

Adventures to live for, hands held combined

Working together, loving each other, only compromise

Looking into blue eyes

Simplicity, humbleness and truthfulness born

Unforgettable values, ties of respect, vows sworn

Communication rode on consistency, secrets never torn

Transparency, honesty shielded the red roses’s thorn

Looking into Blue eyes

Beauty flooded from within, personality, no superficiality

Happiness, zero drama, pure hospitality

Days of fun, travels afar, holding onto infinity

Sharing moments, passionate kisses, only pure royalty

Looking into blue eyes

A new fairy tale, magical, dreams floating with no key

Escaping the world, battling difficulties, high degree

Nothing compares, through faults and flaws grows something unique

Goal oriented, ambitious, never aggressive, path to succeed

Looking into blue eyes

Hearts accelerated, rushes flow like beautiful butterflies

Hands together, matching sweaters, love at no surprise

Deep into life, no strife, a promising future, just mesmerized

Two guys, warm running fireplace, embraced side by side.


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Our world
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