Full Moon

Only on some nights the moon shines ever so full


When he holds his hand promising never to become the fool


Holding his heart, unwinding the red thread from the spool


That stitches the word which on pressed shirts seems so cool


Never on this night should he leave, its the number one rule


No words were spoken, no hearts broken but his eyes became his tool


Beautiful emotions unearthed only to awaken the laughing bull


The moon casted white upon a pond ever so colorful


Only to reveal the silhouettes of indifference beyond the cultural


Some things have to be locked away like those sweaters made of cotton wool


Others dispersed in blue waters like children in preschool


Nature’s eyes discover those treasures full of precious  jewels


Of the young night fulfilling dreams, clearer than a crystal marble


That allows beauty to manifest under the white light of love so powerful


Only on some nights the moon shines ever so full


When he holds his hands life becomes promising and possible...


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