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  Amidst the ash and rubble heroes stop to cry, and pray for those who perished as Old Glory waves nearby.   What can we do to tell them how proud they make us feel
The Maafa - The Great Tragedy - The African Holocaust Culture, name, religion, and many lives lost   Sailing West from the Gulf of Guinea through the Atlantic Ocean
America, America, why do you impose on us so heavily? If you're taking 15% of my hard earned money, why do you blow it on non-necessities? And that's without the taxes on food and gas,
The history of Black People,And all of our People should be celebratedYear-round: every day, week, month, and decade.The celebration must go on unabated,All the time. The first couple,
So you call yourself a patriot? One who supports this dreaded land?   You find yourself proud of this Of all we have destroyed?
Bajo el puente Del Río están parados, atascados, estacionados Miles de inmigrantes Haitianos, no Ucranianos Francamente, si fueran estos últimos, no serían sancionados
                                                Betrayed and backstabbed By our African brothers. Insulted, humiliated and robbed
What is this, who is this, what is this? 
How did this majestic and beautiful bird That has a keen eye for catching fish Become a symbol of our aggression? Painted on the work vehicles of local tradesmen. Stealing him off his branch
Snap was all that was heard,A hunter misses his bird, He cursed the twig asunder,Reaching for his powder and plunger, lost though his chance at a partridge,He continued, Bit off his cartridge,
Today is May the 30th and it's Memorial Day.Americans are paying tribute to those who fought and died for the USA.116,516 American soldiers died during World War I.They died while fighting the enemy with their guns.
This is not a recrudescence of racism In America or in the world, but rather A continuum of malfeasance, antagonism And hardcore cruelty of the systemic horror
Disgust is in disguise. In the world's crust, it hides. But it’s all on us, we normalize. We adapt to pain to make chains. And no change.
What makes you think you have the right?  To murder innocent black men and women To imprison immigrants like they are criminals To steal housing from entire communities  
Created for a family bond After mass incarceration broke the family bond Needing a sense of love and protection   For many Gangs took on those wanting affections People arrested on non-violent crimes
Bullets have no name All you have to do is be in frame Be in the vicinity and you may get hit   But some legislators don't give a damn What will it take to put measures in order
This is no dream to me It was not my ancestors dream It was not something we wanted to achieve   Kidnapping and capturing brought us here Where we built on once sacred Native lands
Do you care Do you give a damn Look around at all this bloodshed   We're not making this up It's time to wisen up The evidence has always been here   People are dying
Midnight December 2008:  Awakened  The cool air filled with emotions A white blanket covered the dried brown grass
Hill homes and cars and a place in front, we run a race I lost at birth with house wheels and buses. I cross the line to stand in dingy dark, cast by prestige.  
I grew excited as they built me Because the men, they would talk Of the grand place I would be.   For the Land of the Free And the Home of the Brave They made me, Lady Liberty.  
What can I say to you, America?  You crumble in barren grieving flames. That health, that unity, that potent pride, 
Today is May the 25th and it's Memorial Day.We're paying tribute to those who fought and died for the USA.Many brave soldiers gave their lives.We're paying tribute to the ones who didn't survive.
I worry for tomorrow, will there be another day? I try to stay strong, but the pain won't go away. We're consumed by this anguish, trapped in solitude.
the people are protesting some michigan fool carried a  confederate flag in the street (doesn't he know it isn't his flag that is the flag of  my people we bled under that
America is great. But we should be better it can't be our fate the global bed-wetter.   If we all just choose to make people matter we have nothing to lose just cut out the chatter.
The American Dream A run in fear The sprint to safety A jog for a dream A race with death
The inspiration I have gathered and grasped  from the ashes of this exhausted relief  fuels a fire untouchable to man    Rising up as the fire burns inside 
 Americans We We were the arnsenal of democracy, There, fighting on the beaches of Normandy. We felt victory at last and our enemies none, By standing together, Americans as one.  
From China To Some U.S. States ... And CLEARLY NOW ... In The UK ... Many Choose To Live ... " Behind Closed Gates " ... But The Word MANY ... " EXAGGERATES " ... !!!!!!
Fuck America, with this place that I call home, to the place that is practically a huge giant dome, to this place that all they do is moan  about the problems of this state,  of this country,
We saw Eric Garner get killed by the police We saw Trayvon Martin on the news as a kid gunned down for wearing his skin We saw Aiyana Stanley-Jones get shot during a raid 
He says, We will wax this wood,  And Green Grass will Grow, And all will be amazed; They will be saved!
What Would YOU DO ... !?! If You Were Left To DIE ... By Those Who CLAIM To ... "CHERISH Your Life" ... ?!? What Would YOU DO To Stay ALIVE ... !?!
A country once united now stands divided Red; the color of the black mans blood that stains the streets White; supremacy controls a country known for equal opportunity and the free will to be who you are 
Your bright smile enlightens the world. Your silky hair weaves a rope for those to climb. Your soft skin is kissed by the stars that are infinite.
Plymouth  Stars shine down Over the twilight; The mountains of old Silent in stillness. Waters and cliff face
They all follow you Like puppies Quite frankly I cannot see this Infatuation But so many Judge on looks We both know How you turned out You were famous Crazing the crowds
They all follow you Like puppies Quite frankly I cannot see this Infatuation But so many Judge on looks We both know How you turned out You were famous Crazing the crowds
I suppose you think you're very great Standing there over so many Other buildings Even if you are not the tallest Not anymore You know, Pride is dangerous Men fall Nations fall
An old man On a boat Fishing He's caught none in his day But he is not a fisherman Bring America simplicity Strip the pomp From our prose You've done that, Hemingway
Old crusty I think you thought you were Witty Clever old man But I can see you Looking down The slow, Sassy Mississippi Remembering boyhood days And you make me
Necisito un boligrafo, por favor Oh, I need a pen! Gracias por la manzana Oh, I meant thanks for the apple Hablo español, y habla un poco inglés No, I meant I speak both Soy de Puerto Rico
They say we've all got five wives I only have two I favor neither one over the other Though my second is prettier My first has already given me Five children Our religious leader Joseph Smith
Turn from your sins! Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven Is at hand Oh Lord, save our country From their own stupidity Their own evil They know not what they do They call us Haters
They call us liberals I guess that's so But we just wanna have our fun Without anyone invading it We wanna have our lives Without anyone telling us how to live We'll expect you to use your words
Always speaks his opinion In fact, won't ever shut up, my Uncle Sam   He dresses in the most outrageous colors Never had a sense of fashion, ole Uncle Sam   Always ordering me to toughen up
He came to help Despite the king's order Brave young man Brave enough to ignore a king Brave enough to fight for a foreign country Brave enough to stand in defeat And later, brave enough
I pity you, Nathan You are brave to venture on such a mission But you do not know your danger Do not trust so easily, Nathan Hale You die bravely But you needn't have died at all
My dear Betsy Ross We are in dire need of a flag How can we make a nation Without a symbol? How can we fight a war Without a banner to fly over our heads? Please, my dear Betsy Ross
Deborah Sampson, you have a courage That we look at now with admiration I would have done the same If they won't let us fight as ourselves We will fight as them I think it would have been glory
They call him hypocritical For writing about freedom But keeping his brother in bondage He is a Founding Father too Writer of the Declaration Yet he blacked out portions Of his Bible
Humble birth Humble man Horrid wife But tragic life Lincoln, I applaud you For your sacrifice
So many poems Have been written About this man That there's not much to say Except What if he was just a normal man?
Lazy, muddy river Stretching down from north to south Curling like a length of thread Highway With steamboats, paddleboats As automobiles Drawling, lolling tongue Land around home to
I've heard it used to be funeral music Born in New Orleans Now it's a groove We have our deep-voiced singers And low saxophones It doesn't really make you blue But it sounds like the color
Shooting to the sky Exploding out of the earth Dangerous yet constant You are a sign Though you sit on An extremely dangerous volcano Through you we see An intelligent hand
Make a call! We have won The first telephone Made by our countryman Alexander Graham Bell
Dumb blonde Was she even blonde? Perfect princess curls Dainty yet American face Perfect woman, so they say Beautiful and dim-witted Wealthy? Perfect act All loved her
Greasy and salty Sometimes crispy The worst are mushy They say the fast-food companies Inject the potatoes with sugar To keep them consistent They're French Or are they?
Beaver, rabbit, coon, muskrat Some for food And some for your beautiful pelts Beaver will buy me cornmeal For my mush So that I may sit near the fire And be content With my skins
Wagon rocking Nobody talking On the trail   Sun just a dot But oh, it's hot On the trail   We're all worn Our calico torn On the trail   We need some water
Prickly And maybe not always the kindest But we're tough We won't Give up our place in the desert We are hard on the outside But soft on the inside Just like America
Come along, my doggies Move along I've a wish to gallop this wide prairie Follow the ocean of the stretching sky Over my land God's land Before the settlers came the east was so
A weeping widow Weeds of mourning Covering your face You hide in the dimmness of the Everglades Moaning For your nation
Alligator, alligator O hidden devil of the Everglades Feared by many Murderor of children And various other small creatures Crooked toothy smiles Slurping in the swamps
White snow But then, what other color is it? No, white fluffy lamb's wool Soft Oh Cotton White cotton They say it is the color of beauty Which means our brown fingers Picking it
When we first dropped our belongings In the clearing in the forest Mama said we'd die the first winter. Papa had been a potter back in Wales. He knew next to nothing about building. But he chopped some trees
You stand proud Overlooking an emerald hill Sloping down on a turquoise river In this front your windows shine Showing a beauty Your classical pillars Give an illusion of A fine education
Small, and hidden among the hills We go to receive the joy   Painted white by our own hands Laboring together in industrial joy   In the spring, when the Easter is,
Sweet spraying kernels Golden bumps on a hard core Like a kind person with a stout heart Bite it and it squirts Eat like a baby again Face smashed against wet juiciness American fruit
We've been at sea for too long I'm past illness now But oh, how I yearn for land I don't care if it's the New World I'd even return to Scrooby or Plymouth Say what my parents will about America
Every family in America--or so it seems Gathers around their television To pay homage To the god Of sports and commercialism To slouch on a couch To enjoy Ads that cost
Old traditions Country brought to life again We smell a wet grassy field Hear the twang of banjos and the screeeeeeeeeech Of fiddles Smell roasting ham and sausages Look at growing pumpkins
Go Team! Go go go! That wasn't a foul! Idiot umpire! Run! Steal!   Cotton candy makes my fingers stick Sugary funnel cake filling me To shout for the team  
This is the field of Lexington Where the war for our freedom was fought This is the place where men died So that our liberty could be bought   They were farmers and craftsmen most
Flying over the Rockies Or Sierra Nevadas Flying high like our whipping flag Wind under wings Flying like our nation But an eagle cannot fly forever.
This world today is a tangled mess of opinions and hate and opinions and wait. Stepping outside is like stepping into a court room except both sides of the room are calling me guilty.
If you go outside You will hear the sounds of a country A country that used to be a place of refuge That is now becoming the opposite  
Pinch Fears make you pinch Your eyes And The corners Of your mouth   Fears are weird And
We are honoring those who fought and died for the USA.We are honoring our deceased soldiers on Memorial Day.Many soldiers fought and died so that every American can be free.
I am from the vast landscapes Of the Horn of Africa I am from the bitter-sweet coconuts That fall from the pine trees I am from Somalia   The Country that breeds my heritage
America The Brave They say America is the land of the free and home to the brave. But what about the minds here that enslaved?
Congratulations. You’ve done it. With words of wisdom and liberty, You can lean back and sit
Being A Hispanic was hard The black sheep they say, the same but different  Looked at ashamed by the ones we call our people  looked at different by the country we said was united
  The land is not free Home of the depraved  We used to pride ourselves in a supposed red, white and blue But with blindfolds on tight, we only see what we are told we see
When I ponder about life's existence, I have patience rather than vanity In the American experience- USA, with gloat, loses sanity;   Grasping this entire world of disorder,
The Conscience of America   Little kids are like the conscience of America.  
How Blood Flows   Blood flows Just like tears flows And love flows   Rooted in pain
"The spirit of a thousand moons and stars" 
This is a special day because it's Veterans Day.We celebrate because certain people fought for the USA.Veterans put their lives on the line so that we can be free.Veterans are important to you and they're important to me.
In the eyes of the president, I’m a fucking rapist In the eyes of the president, I don’t work for shit In the eyes of the president, I’m a drug user
How many times, Do we have to die? How many times, Does our blood have to fall? How many times, Will mothers bury their children?
There is no freedom here, not really anyway You want your God? Please, take it as it’s never answered any of our prayers
We need to have control. Not control on how we’re taught or what we wear, but on the weapons put on display to be seen everywhere.
Yes! People hear these rumors that black people are ghetto, poor, stupid, and just plain old UNEDUCATED. Because of our skin color, we get judged.
Black= Puppet    Back home they say if you go to America you will be free as a kite with no string but here I am in America there’s a person who is controlling me like a puppet
A flag draped coffin on a stifling day With somber taps that seem to say A grateful nation, as your dead we lay Into this earth, in a special way - Salutes your service, and the life you gave
Once there was a kid He was so lost in the world He did not understand the unspoken rules He did not know why people looked at him funny Or why females clutched their purses while he walked by
You won’t see tears without pain  Wish I could control my rain Wish I could control my brain The same way seniors wish to be young again      
My Youth  The World, the world, the world, Tiny, Big the world, It’s round or square, it’s in the Air! It’s here or there, it’s everywhere, It’s Blue, Green and full of We. It’s We the People, the Strong and Free. 
I express my identity through poetry. Who I am and who I hope to one day be Bleeds through the tip of my pen In a rush of eloquence, My stream of consciousness.
We, the new generation, are the dream. We, dentist smiles and thin, diet bodies. Fluorescent lights, hope for a star to deem
I say that America is screwed That I don't want to be here anymore  That I'm leaving first chance I get But as frustrated as I am will I ever truly leave?
I used to be afraid. Afraid to speak my mind in an unkind world That shut my mouth for me before I even opened it. I learned to sit down and shut up
Upon the lovely, of America’s golden plains, her monuments of past era, made of steel and glass, tempered with the fires of hope; cast cold shadows  over astonishing rage of times.   
I never learned how to apply for a loan. I had to ask my mother how to buy a home. My mind nearly collapses Trying to file taxes. Yet I feel like I’m expected Not to be protected
America By: Tia Rowe America, the Great for it, is modest America, the Brave for it, is a coward
America always was America to Me. From the day I was born, til this year of 23 It’s always been clear to see
I see red rivers of blood not merely puddles You would think that this is a horror story But this a contiguous continuous struggle   America you are a bully
Let’s go back to times of peace.  Times when women didn’t have to fear walking alone in the dark just to go home, And children didn’t have to fear their lives while learning how to read and do math, 
To the world:  "Doomsday strikes," prophets crow, from Fox and Twitter and NPR2012 has come again, An election, but one unfamiliar. "This country needs more unity,"
They're too fast They speak of things I don't understand Their lips are quick but their minds are slow here  I would rather be there  Here the harrowing hardships are fast  Not slow enough to listen   
Dear Mr. Trump, Do you hear the words you say? Does is sound like a roar when you speak? The hate will rot your teeth. The racism will weaken your muscles. The homophobia will wrinkle your skin.
For The Land:   America: With all your beauty and grace, your Miss United States, Your pride and stars and stripes and stunning monuments dedicated to (racist) presidents past
Dear America,
To my son.    My baby has blood on his hands,  dripping red fingers smeared across oceans and continents.  Imperialism breeds imperialism and the apple doesn't fall  far from the tree. 
We live in a world where hate is still here We live in a world where you can be an unarmed black man but still get the nine bullets to your back Speaking up equals speaking back
America’s my homeland. I’m proud of where I live. And when I see a flying flag. I have respect to give.  
Dear America, From the dawn of time You’ve been destined for greatness. You’ve always found the need To help people without reason
Dear mama,
Dear friends against the people,     I am from the stories of the past Compiled into the present. Chicana they call me.
They say black lives don’t matter cause we out here killing each other.And when they see him all they think of is a thug.Another brother who’s gonna rot in the gutter.Get his picture ready for the newspaper.Tell his mother her son ain’t coming bac
As a child, so fragile, so pure you broke my confidence as the blood rushed to my face when you said that I would never be anything in front of the whole class
Dear black brothers and sisters,
Dear Future Joamir,         
Dear Heaven, I am merely a stranger in search of a home Your customs are rather unusual Those of which I am willing to assimilate Stories of your angels have been told in my land for ages
Dear America Do you hear your bombs blasting overhead? Do you hear the little children crying, Do you see them dead? O America, Open your eyes! See the destruction you have created,
 Hurt and abusedLost and confusedFeeling accused, just by being you.The color of your skin does not define youThe length of your dreads does not disguise you. The way that you walk does not deprive youBut the way that your heart is will arise you.
What you know about the silence of the lambs I'm not talking about that cross dresser shit. I mean the way people today choose to live, cowardly, afraid to speak up. Think differently,
We live in a society where it is more disgraceful to kneel before a flag than to stand for racism.   Where the KKK is seen as a group of “fine people” with jobs. Families. Lives worth protecting.  
Oh America America what have you done Treating them like animals what have you become,   with no interest we have thought of them With no feelings we have trial them
Just have fun Would have begun  If my worries didn't leave my mind in a blurry A flurry of bad thoughts Sad thoughts of me claiming its my fault I fall and default to ending it all Nothing smooth
What does it take to stay awake  And not hate  Every eye that passes by Makes me wonder if they try  Or do they categorize  My kind within wicked lies As if every time a brother dies
Eyes cold as Concrete Even when not walking the streets The halls  So closed off  From the poverty we breath Considered clean Cuz the sheen  Easier's to see  Away from the hood
I'm Into beats  That start up is sweet  So I'm ready to leap Not to compete  That's for survival  That's not a lie though  You know you gotta show How flows can leave your foes froze
Ride the wave The pain will never go away  So keep rolling with this way of seeing Being that as it is We are sent to die For a cause  And for justice But who knows why 
My tears drop silently Through the misty air Nothing can be heard  If we ever cared What's in it for me Besides putrid insanity What will it take to rise Destroying my disguise
When will I see  Fruitions of being happy What happened to respect exactly What's intact is that I watch my back Wondering when one close  Decides to hide inside The lies of emotional ties
My emotions move slow Trying to keep my head low I'm pent up  And ready to blow That's what I know  I'm sick I'm lonely And home sick Missing kid shit And wanting to split
We were fine, My mother had money, Built a new house, We lived in a good, thriving neighborhood. We didn't know what we escaped would slowly creep up on us. Gunshots echoed across our community 
Abuse brings abuse The cycle creates psychos And will continue To apprehend you Even while you smile The vile style  Is not easy to hide  We dive into our psyche  And see stressful times
When will I see  Fruitions of being happy What happened to respect exactly What's intact is that I watch my back Wondering when one close  Decides to hide inside The lies of emotional ties
Apprehending our creativity,  Plotting the downfall of our nationality, Rioting about discrimination,  in a country with more rights than any.    Staring at the enemy,  making them pray.
Lead hands, Too heavy to move, I would have built you a mountain. But I no longer care.   I just have one thing to say.   “Fuck you.”   I was bleeding stripes
You are the ones,  Who defend.    You are the ones,  Who protect.    Be honored,  Young or old.    No matter what war,  For you, we respect.   
We didn't start the fire,  That's what they say. And each generation, Must suffer and pay.    Don't ruin the country,  I love or behold!  Ruin, decay, destruction...
Never will I waver,  From love of this land,  Never will I fail,  To stay and stand,    Shouting with a great voice unto all:  "This land, God's joy! Justice for all." 
Politics & Religion Were never meant for polite society My parents taught me. But polite society doesn't exist At least in this day and age. Now and again vulgarities show Marring perfect plans
The great American eclips was supposed to be the end of the world. I spent it at work. One o'clock rolled around, And the world turned into a graveyard. All the workers shuffled outside to see.
WE are the children of America The children of those who traveled land and sea. The children of those who plowed fields and picked trees.
This is a group poem for four people, each person representing a number. I might add more to it soon :-)   1) On June 21 in UK, two citizens were attacked with acid - scarring their body 2)Just as acid hurts you physically
Well if they knew that we were political, We'd be done for.   Because they helped build new york But people from new york are broken themselves. And in spite of their open arms
There was a foolish President by the name of Donald Trump, Elected as a leader as the least of two great evils, Who seldom did much else except for sitting on his rump
I too, hear America singing Many millions of songs.   I hear the song of my teachers All they say is listen.
I, too, sing America.   I am determined. They say I don’t have common sense They don’t think I can manage myself. But I know what I am capable of,
[read with sarcasm and rhythm]     Right now, we fear the seductive and dangerous night,
America the Brave But only if one behaves   Eagles fish and only dare swim when humanity pressures habitat.. to that where idols act on whim   Heart wrenched from ocean
Right to left, left to rightwe are safe, in the dark of night.With the moon beaming on our pale skin, oh so brightdon't suck my soul out, scream with all our might.Listen to the slow vibrations, the tiny sleeping bees
All my life I've lived here I've pledged to an inanimate object I never actually cared too much about that But after years upon years of learning Only now are my eyes open... TYRANNY
I have no culture. No, apparently this is possible: For one to have NO culture. Because culture is based on social Groupings based on mutual Ethnicity, Language, Culture, Interests, Music, Ideals...
America's Oxygen    We boast about being brave and being free But maybe that ain't as true as it means to be We built this country on God and trust But sadly our ways of life begin to rust  
Yesterday you were but   a seed in your forefather’s mind.    Love, continue growing. 
In a world built by the blood, sweat, and tears of people who look like meFrom the fields to front officesFrom the streets to street prophetsThey look at us and still see the whips and chainsThey owned us
Welcome to America. The Land for the Free. Be whoever you choose. As long as we agree. Welcome to this country There are things they Try to Convey. The Dreams, the Goals, Freedom...
I am the hairy Mexican girl your daughter makes fun of at school The one whose mother you don't look in the eyes when she's your cashier at the gas station You know me  
"America the Great!" They shout to the crowds "America the Great!" they scream. I watch on and wonder if America is as great as she seems.   "America the Great!"
“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation, under God…indivisible? With liberty and jus– ”
Empty gestures plague these lands, For what does that American flag really stand? "Brothers and Sisters", bloodied and bruised, Fight each other, for one another, confused Misdirected by the media hand.
Every single day without fail a voice would blare out the words to an anthem that we loyally repeated, Right hand over our heart Left hand behind our back
My whole life I was told how lucky I am To be born in this country led by Uncle Sam. I am lucky that I am not starving or dying But if I tell you I love it here, I’d be lying.
My country, ‘tis of thee Dead land of liberty. Of thee I sing; “Where is the equality?” Land where my culture died On every mountainside Please let freedom sing   *Silence*  
Since age 5 I've recited the pledge, Day after day. It never made me feel any certain way.
1992marks the yearmy grandmotherfinallymade it to the United States. 2017marks the year she becamea citizen. somewhere in betweenthose yearsI realizedAmericadoes not look like me.soon after came the realization thatAmerica only lovesa familiar fac
America the Great. America that is mixed like a blender but judges based on race  and a someone's gender.    America the Great. Why do you hate me? Is it the color of my face?
I composed my song of unspoken apologies Echoing like the ancient lands’ mythologies   It sang of red, white, and blue, Of thinkers, speakers, revolutionaries too.
  Welcome to my country My home and my land My pride and joy   My country The place of freedom
Tell me the Story of America I don't mean the story of red, white, and blue I mean the story of those with skin of a different hue Taught to be ashamed
As one, we are the people. As one, we are the world power. As one, We were once the United States of America.   Slowly, but oh! so slowly... The rivers came, angered, shunned, alone.
Oh beautiful in your clouded eyes   Is wantonly wasted time.   But purpled culture garish seems   In lives passed lighted lime.   America! America! The web your culture proves.  
America Known as the land of the free But are we really free? Discrimination is still evident People are told they don't belong in our country because of the way they look or speak
America is a puzzle. The people are the pieces. Pieces that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each piece is made of wood That comes from all over. Mexico, Canada, Poland, Germany, Japan, China and India.
Land of the free, home of the braveThat's what we're all taughtBut is it bravery or cockiness when a white man with a gun walks into a Little Caesar's and orders with a smooth voi
Anya Zebell 10 May 2017 Adopting a New Land  When I moved from Ukraine there was a lot of pain New faces New places I didn't know what to think let alone, let it sink
Land of the free, home of the brave A prideful, great nation built on the mounds of forgotten Native American graves Built on the backs of still unnamed and chained slaves But of course, everything has changed
In school I used to say ---”I pledge allegiance,” to America, a country I now, struggle to remember my allegiance to.
How can I pledge allegiance to the flag when America has never been great   How do we stand for the Republic when the fourteen points of fascism have become a checklist   How are we under God
America.The free, the brave, the strong.Common words, placed in common songs.We claim to be the truth,We’ve been lying all along.When opinion masquerades as fact
America.The free, the brave, the strong.Common words, placed in common songs.We claim to be the truth,We’ve been lying all along.When opinion masquerades as fact
WiTh lIbErTy and JuSTicE fOR AlL   is what many refuse to say, how can an old message become less true,  our president wanting to get back to old roots, sadly his trees are losing fruit, Muslim Bans,
America the For∙mi∙da∙ble: “Inspiring fear, or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense or capable.”   America is
A dangerously beautiful display Of wild devotion and the will to act Has moved the souls of tiny men today To change the world, to make a Faustian pact: They paid for freedom, each their own, it seems,
America is backwards Acirema She preaches for justice yet she encourages hate Giving a policeman a Pepsi is not the solution
The great I know is the one that tells the thieves' liesPeace and happiness you decide your own lifeBut once lives are taken for reasons of the unknown Concepts such as hatred, as to detest our natural skintoneThey say I might die tonight, I might
Nation divided,   many improvements needed   a more open Trump   must reflect upon the wise moon  
GOD is pretty great Founding fathers agreed to Trust a lot in Him   RACISM is bad No one really thinks it's cool Please let's stop it now   EQUAL are all men 
What is love without the hate? Isn't that the grand debate? But if the bad were to deteriorate, there would be nothing for us to appreciate. When did the world get to this state?
“America the great” or that's how they want it to seem A country that glorifies war but if they see a black person they scream Pleading only mercy in a war they created
My country tis of thee Wish you'd stop shooting me And all my kin All made from the same clay No matter what you say
A fallen flag can't stop me from falling for you.Even after all the discrimination and racism I still find myself proud to be called an American.
With saddest regards I sell allegiance to the flag Because for the first time in my life I worry about my peers tint Of the Disunited States of America Where acceptance for LGBT was gained but ripped away
Land of the free, with liberty and justice for all. Thousands of lifeless voices swell together. All if you are white, All if you are rich, All if you are “normal.”   But inside they cry,
Mother America, why have you forsaken me? Is standing for your anthem never enough to hear my plea? Haven't you seen the calloused heart of your abused, gay foster daughter, Mother America?
It is times like this,  I have never been happier being black and alive. Being woman and survivor, Being odd and being ok with it. It is times like this I have never been happier being all this,
Oh say can you see  By the dawn’s early light Narcissism and bureaucracy Have distorted our sight   Oh say can you see Our criminal justice system favors the rich
America, The Beautiful? Home of the enslaved, Where those who are brave, Are said to have no brain, Where freedom of speech is limited,
Do you see now? Our hate is causing people to bleed out. Our love has disappeared into thin air. The air which we steal from the lungs of another.
Bang, bang, pop, pop, DEAD The color of America's freedom  comes bleeding from the head A life that was once true is now a sentence within a jail A vision that once was America's dream
Guns, death, anger at race Too many times have tears rolled a face To cry is to express pain and distress America seems to be in that state of mess
Yes, I can see them by the sunset’s gloom, Those who I enveloped with my undulating figure, Whose many shapes and colors through the presence of doom,
America is the land of the free Dreams achieved further than you can see This amazing country prosperous and well but in reality america is all hell a land for anyone to come
America the Great, or is it really so? People crying and dying, realize no means no. Rape culture, please do not touch me down there. Terrorists? They're just people, don't be so scared.
Freedom of speech as long as everyone agrees. I’m afraid to voice an opinion and be taken out of phrase. Your opinion is only important if you make it the same
Chained Whipped Bleed   Trapped in unwritten rules   Glance Peek
There’s always been problems That much is a fact. From the moment the pilgrims stepped foot on this land. They were refugees Fleeing from religious oppression That made themselves a home
America, America, How beautiful you are. From your red and white stripes, to each and every spangled star.   The places you behold, are loved by so many. I would know best, for I have visited plenty!  
Oh say can you see America I breathe Powerful and free   Stop trying to bring us down   The best in the world But I am only a girl Am I allowed to dream?  
Welcome   Welcome to the big leagues kid Wait a minute Are  those "foreign"  shoes? ..... you can't use those here Do you know English?
There is a spray tan in the oval office.  I don’t want to hear from the Tangerine Man about his wall.  The word ‘them’ has a greater capacity to separate people than any wall. 
Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early darkness, surrounding me in this prison, killing me, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming is our incredibly racist past,
I was taken advantage of. I gave you everything you could ever want.  
Surely there’s more to life than this Surely there’s more to life than to grow up, to wake up only to feel the need to resist I hear the constant string of yelling, I hear the crowds rebellingI hear cries of children as their homes are blown, I he
My country tis of thee, foul land of misery That’s what I see Land of the white man’s lies Land of the minorities’ cries That’s what I see The worlds got it all wrong
The story begins long ago, A new world they called it, Ready for civilization. Like a diamond in the dark, Its heart began to pump the blood Of freedom.   Freedom from And freedom to,
Go- fight on the front lines. Sacrifice, bleed, die. Go- protest, march, scream, For your rights. Participate in this America. Built on the backs of a people we chained
People fought for me to speak and not be persecuted They fought for every opinion to be safe to hang in the air of this country But instead it simply binds with the smog For those who disagree to shove down my throat
America the Great. I see you.  Bold in your Red, White, and Beauty Wrapped in the Stars wished upon by a down south Negro child unknowingly part of a civil rights movement.
Our lady stands upon her pedestal, Her brazen torch a beacon for the free, For in her stance, she breaches the hull, Her sirens song, arise the refugee, To close our walls, such a righteous disguise,
Each breath taken is An exercise, An experiment that stretches the definition of "American," Attempting to find the extent of a definition on paper  And applying it to a person who lives and breathes and grows,
The thought of someone out there Believing they do not matter, Because their president says so.    The satisfied looks on the faces of people Who have never valued those different than themselves. 
Dear America, Why is it that I’m over $40,000 in debt with student loans and I have yet to make $40,000 a year? Dear America, Why is it that my blackness alone is a reason for our police to shoot and kill?
America the Lost When people say “America the Great” They are almost unwaveringly supporting An America of Hate.
Forget the blood lines that make our trees bright red Forget the colors that highlight our lively skin Brothers, sister, mothers and fathers We are all something bigger, better and stronger Yet…
make america Great again.Make America Great Again?Was it ever Great to begin withThe United States of America Was hardly
Great Has integrity Is not soft spoken Is strong but not unfeeling Is resilient through suffering Is forgiving but never a doormat   America Has abandoned the poor
Great Has integrity Is not soft spoken Is strong but not unfeeling Is resilient through suffering Is forgiving but never a doormat   America Has abandoned the poor
As you can see America is filled with the "American Dream" but the American Dream is usually described as everyone having "equal opporunity to achieve success and prosperity."
Change is something that is so sought for, Yet so feared. When the war came to an end, The freedom we wanted neared. Does the shape America is in reflect what our forefathers so valiantly fought for?
The land of the free Yet corruption runs rampant Trump is president  
America is a place of love ,  a gift given from the lord above . a place for chances and for life,  being successful comes from strife. times will be hard , times will be trying
America, land of the free Home of liberty, I would disagree Full of freedom? We barely make the top twenty We ask for diversity they say, "We've got plenty."   We fight for what's right,
in lieu of a new administration, america's young immigrants are facing a sort of... frustration. through broken occasion and high school graduation, by hell and high water and maturation,
America, the great dream That lured so many Still a renounced temptation   America the great dream of more More land, more space, more freedom   You can breath There is room to grow
America, land of the free. America, home of the brave. America, home of the immigrant.   Change is seen as scary, terrifying,
Donald Trump plans on putting "America First." It seems like that could succeed. Depending first, on what "America First" means and exactly what is guaranteed. "America First" would mean supplying our people
Our flag still waves for what makes us great, Yet it's mangled in places from a tremendous weight. People are laughing and crying at our new state, But deep down know there's much more at stake.  
They see me just a brown woman, they fear those blessed and melanin infused with strong pigment and color, A true badge of honor,
Land of the free And home of the brave That’s what they’d say. Yes, That’s what they say.     But then like a plague
we're proud to be americans land of the free, home of the brave but is she proud of us, or does she toss and turn in her grave? dreaming of what once was a land of peace and kin,
"it's not over yet" she said weeping over the dead bodies that lay lifeless and wet the rain came down hard and quick  it's not over yet
I grew up in America, America the beautiful.  But somehow along the way things changed,  I do not recognize my country now. I miss her more every day.   
America the beautiful,With red, white, and blue,Welcoming to both me and you,A land of opportunity but for who?   Red blood stain the streets,With senseless violence and rubber bullets,Tear gas blinds your eyes, and you can no longer breath,For as
America.It is known asThe land of the great.But as days go byIt brims with more and more hate.
Battle We the people have an obligation To escape this persecution in search Of a world in which we can be free Victory Now that the hard work is done And over with, we deserve a break
With your deep forests and treacherous trails, it's hard not to wander.  
America. She used to belong to everyone and she was okay with it. Rumor has it that an Englishman found her & sold her some dreams.
america the great? america without a title america who has neglected its people time and again america who listens no to those in need but to those who pay the most
I was told to learn the hidden vernacular of shame. Deep down I knew who I was,  But not the others. I was told that just because I am a citizen It does not make me an American.  
Strange fruit swinging in the rain, waves crashing against the stern of the ship, feet marching upon weeping waterfalls, words on faded papyrus, constituting nothing more now than when the ink was waiting to dry.
Although I was not born here, America is my home. As my early memories came, America was never far from my mind. To the country I am willing to die for, as I serve in the Military.
America the beautiful. America the great. While your chemical plants might be fruitful, Your greed is driving you to a gloomy fate. While your media distracts us with talk of celebrities' lives,
Protected Strong The flag ripples in the wind so beautiful, frail, strong like our soldiers starting as frail beautiful people
Bounded by Red, White, and Blue shackles We stand one Nation, under God In the unemployment line.   Thirteen Red stripes
America, America land of the free Where we can be ourselves, true and free America, America land of the free We are all brothers, and sisters, in the land of the free We keep our voices loud, and proud, we are free
I pledge Allegiance to the flag  for the DIVIDED of AMERICA. A place your free and knowledge is key but black hoodies couldn't be more scarier.  I pledge Allegiance to the flag
America the great -  where litter rots in the streets where people live in poverty where the news is horrifying where shootings are rampant
Slavery and human rights violations. Ugly, like a scab. Rough and hurts like a stab. But little by little, begins to heal; the aching sore that is a big deal. Slowly but surely, progress is being made, as hate begins to fade.
America the beautiful Where does your beauty lie? Is it only surface deep Like makeup used to cover scars that pierce inside? And Mother Liberty, You turn away refugees
First, they robbed, killed, and enslaved the Arawaks, They smothered the indigenous with Smallpox blankets, And they built an economy on the scarred backs of slaves.   Then they blazed a trail of tears,
Land of the free? More like land of the fee. Changes need to hapen before we all flee. America is not the same because we are not glee.   Men are not equal. Power and money makes mankind evil.
America. It's all I've ever known. Except some bordering mexican cities, this is my home.   But home isn't always your safe place. Home can mean arguments and separation.
My heart doth beat faster, when I view o'er the world The Star-Spangled Banner in glory unfurled. 'Tis fitting and proper that it should so be Since our land was the progenitor of the free.
I pledge allegiance to the women whose mouths never stopped moving, even when their hearts have been weathered weary by the lead that replaced their blood
The class stands as one; A uniform system perfected from years of repetiton As the students recite their patriotic manifesto The individuality that allows students to endure the day
The present cannot be judged by its occupents.
I think America is great But we need to get a few things straight Unemployment is at a crazy rate This doesn’t have to be America’s fate
At 7:30 Every morning, In robotic voices, We pledge our loyalty to our country. Are our voices robotic Because of repetition?
America: God bless you if it's good to ya. No rants about skin color but vent when the temp is up--why not? Freedom of speech clouds my inner circle,
I am free And I am great Yet, Still I seem To boil with hate   My residents have rights And they continue to appear Yet, they complain and fight As I live in fear  
A nation dedicated To equality is great.   On paper, No nation greater.   But if all men are created equal
America, Americathe land of the freeAmerica the beautifulbuilt on bravery   But are we as boundlessas we claim to be?  
America,The land of the free and home of the brave,The ‘epitome of freedom’ that is said to have saved,Those who were previously held and enslaved From those in our society who corrupt and deprave. America’s real intentions are disputed, Our leade
America How could you? I trusted you, I believed  in you, And now with every passing day I weep As this once great nation is now in shambles.   How could we stray so far
America the land I love America the free Its beauty and its majesty just seem to capture me I love everything about it All of its fifty states America my home and pride is all so great
I read a book that said, There is one kind of prison where you are inside, and the things you want are outside, There is another kind of prison where you are outside, and the things you want are inside.  
O'Merica, My brown colored skin was never considered competition, Instead it's laughed at behind closed doors, Growing up I often wondered, Quite often actually, What people died to come here for,
America isn't great, nor, will it ever be because We sexualize young women but tell them to wait until marriage.  she cringed every time your fingertips traced down her back, pulling her closer to you.
Where are you America the Beautiful?  All I can see is: political turmoil and civil unrest tensions are building with no signs of stopping Is anyone listening?  what happend to we the people
America’s greatness spreads wide for everyone to seeThe Nation's bubbles for the world and me, brings unity,The People our nationSelfish and corrupt with cloutThe color of my skin leaves me with doubt The constant eyes and ears Looking down judgin
For all the lives lost and the wars won you would think America would stand by its national anthem where we are all equal.
The Founding Fathers skin would crawl and their faces would show appall.  Our Country is falling apart, busting at the seams with people being mean. We the People? More like we the feeble.
America, my beautiful America how great.  The place I am proud to call home; where I belong.  From urban city to rural land; it's perfect bait.  We welcome new comers with our sweet tuned song. 
America the Beautiful With the open fields and high mountains And the clouds dancing across the skyline America the Strong With a military protecting our citizens And our citizens protecting our rights
My Country 'Tis Of Thee Sweet land of poverty  For Thee I weep. Land where the innocent died, Land where we lost our pride, From cityscape to countryside Let freedom ring.  
Mother America I am did feed thy milketh Her breasts were consumed with youth. A preliminary smile that inspired a nation yet to be conceived.
Yes, I can see, not by the dawn’s early light, But by a smirk from a Speaker of the House. A smirk that just escaped a crime of murder.   I do not proudly hail a man who has Violated the privacy of a woman,
The picture painted is one of pride One of acceptance and freedom One of opportunity and trust Stories passed down are those of victory Those of heroic extrication And those of dreams fulfilled
"Would everyone please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance."These are words I hear every day.And every day I watch my classmates standand salute a flag that waves for this countrypledging loyalty.
America the Great At keeping Gun violence alive   America the Great At avoiding The hungry and deprived  
It was Wednesday, November 9th, the day after Our heads throbbed with the reality that Donald Trump won, and Hillary Clinton lost. Our eyes spilled over, like an uncontrollable landslide, blocking the road ahead.
Make America Great Again, America was Great.   America was Great, January, The third friday, The 20th,
America the Great Not America the Perfect Sure, our nation's great But there’s things we haven’t learned yet   There’s people that are dying There’s many who need helping A melting pot society
America, once beautiful -  When will you appear as the stories say? With your ragged past, were you ever great? Perhaps achieving ‘great again’ is not the way.
Method of attack, Walking while black. What is your job, Remove the hijab. White man's burden, Forbid the turban. America's favorite past time, Make immigrating The Crime. Abusing, no.
Today in America, the beautiful They report body counts like weather reports,
Land of the free, home of the brave. Will not being able to afford health insurance, force me into an early grave?  
The land of opportunity where all can rise beyond no class, no division freedom and prosperity at will.   Work hard reach for the stars taste ambition dream of "success".  
See my reflection on your white skin You shout "Reciprocated racism!"   No. Stop. Listen.   These are the effects of our cause The results of oppression
You tell me this is the land of the free The land of opportunity Then why do I see oppression all around me? Why has a country so great
Americas usually know for the great things that they have done. But is it really all that great?
Can you still see, Dawn breaking over the horizon? Or are more visceral affairs Clouding your vision And affecting how you make decisions?
What do you see? Do you see what I see? A land constantly in struggle between freedom and equality? O say can you see the anger in people's eyes, Hear the pain in people's cries,
Mr. Reagan, you've slaughtered a generation, one of pure Imagination , and disseminated false information.   Because of that they were not bothered. Darling souls left un-mothered,
Simply stunning stars on a block of blue fabric blown by the wind, shooting left and right like the bullets between our soldiers
We the people We the people divided We the people alienated We the varied We the broken.   We who break each other down and hide behind the pieces. We who have bled,
The country with the red, white, and green  Or is the red, white, and blue  To me it does not matter  But for others it does  Where someone comes from  it is important. 
America Your Great The one that every man wants The one that every one fights to be in
Turning away from the innocent has become a trend It seems good has become something we dread. We stand up to proclaim how great our lives are  While others take a knee, because apparently, we've gone too far 
My country has the sounds of freedom.  My country has the laws of justice. My country has the land of liberty.  My country is my home. It is a home to me and to many alike and unlike me.   
Minorities join together, Speeches written on their suffrage. Couplets composed with words like leather,
America, the land of the free. But are we? Are we free? Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Those are our names, what we are known for. We are known as nothing more. A melting pot, but why is it boiling? 
Born into a place that depicits my race as something bad, as something less than them.  Born into a place that thrives on the white face.  That white is pure and anything of color is a disgrace. 
America the free, America the brave America where I am looked down upon for the cadence of my name America where my people are slaughtered in the streets America where murderers with a badge walk free
Free we were and will continue to be We love freedom, let's let it ring Race, color, gender and liberty Will continue to resonate through me
America was once something of hope and dreams A Dream to be whoever you worked hard enough to be and to live in peace and harmony
Round and round the wheel of time goes; Where she stops, nobody knows. As tides come red and pebbles turn black. Name a virtue which we today lack.   We have TVs, and treadmills, and shiny things too,
We left our hearts  to live in our heads. It was supposed to get easier but compassion is dead. Driven by money and heavy with pain; The blood on the ground runs in each of our veins.
I'm not proud to say I'm from here, because I really disagree. Mr. President have you forgotten? What is humanity
O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain   The chorus rings in my living room as we sing, My father clumsily playing the piano And my brother and I singing off-key.
Why does a country full of such beautiful faces always try to put people into their places? Mouths that discriminate run free making others scared to breathe. Some too focused on the faces
My America is red; Cherry lemonade by the side of a pool In the summer of my childhood Lips stained with sugary popsicles and fresh watermelon.   It is red like Coca Cola; The kind from glass bottles
Color encompassing unfamiliar faces   All united under one familiar flag soaring high    Unknown are the backgrounds, but defined are the races    Gathering and discussing under one sky  
America the beautiful Pretty on the outisde Not so pretty on the inside   Prisoners are not getting the help they need They just suffer in silence Most in there for a crime they never did  
America’s AmmunitionThe Devil's in the White City Drenched our Angels in red Never help us when we Bleed More Power telling how we Bled
Once a star, shining bright to see, America, the great, land of the free, Has faded slightly in recent time, But America is not dismayed, To the top, We shall climb.   Uncertainty may plague us,
The torn and battered flag waves In the scorched heat of the plantation hovering over the slaves that build America.   Bent bare backs walking the fields 
We could create the internet An immeasurable amount of information Stored in just as many networks But we could not keep children safe from exploitation.  
  Traffic lights stay at a steady red      Reflecting on life's motion Dropping down what I see with lead      Depicting the faces of no emotion Running down an endless path
A knock on the door late at night An unexpected guest Terrible circumstances And an uninviting host   The guest is asking for simple things A corner to sleep in Perhaps a glass of water
 need to be made in the great US of A a great democracy was ruined by greed and rich in a powerful way a democracy corrupted by the money sucking machine, taxes the middle class so hard in hopes of wiping the nation debt clean, we need to stop bei
The Nation of Dreams The Nation that Gleams the nation that covers their ears from the screams.  
Am I Brave, as they say? Or do I continue for my fear Of failing? Equality, Individuality Unity, Diversity The archaic American Ideals
(This poem was written in response to the murders of Carter Davis and Natalie Henderson in 2016.  The students lived in my local area. I hope they find peace in heaven.)
Come with me and see, the lovers by the sea. They are holding hands, and make wedding plans. I hope they stay together,
E Pluribus Unum. Out of many,  One.    One lost hope, One country fallen from grace, One administration
God Bless America God Bless America, if America blesses you God Bless America God Bless America, that red, white, and blue What does a color mean?
America, the land of the free and home of the brave America, the land of the enslaved and home of the depressed We sit here unabled to believe you when we can't even believe oursleves
Have a glass with me, sweetheart We'll forget the execution If you don't move a muscle You'll take pride in revolution Raise your hand to your heart Let inhibitions run loose That's the way to cope
O say can you see America the free A place for you and me A land of greatness But only corruption I see
Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like if I was white I believe my life would completely change if I was white I wouldn’t be closely watched as I walk through a store, if I was white
Here we feel trapped Women, Workers, Minorities Artists
We who think we are the greatest, Don't look to the news that is latest, Chaos and trouble that will break us, Think about it, because it is on us.
she stands still over the Hudson,  gleaming no longer    tired and proud   ever lifting her hope to the sun, steadfastly reminding her people of Lazurus' song  
Higher taxes for the rich, To let others' lives go without a hitch. Equal opportunity for all, Even for those who aren't tall. My America is coming soon, But with work, we can make it bloom.
  Do you want change? I’m not talking about the loose one. Do you want freedom,
You won’t answer when we drop to our knees, submit.   A boy shot in the street for wearing a hooded sweatshirt.  
  Perfection should not             be searched for; uniqueness should        die with its finding.   The above haiku I wrote years ago; It is one that I have liv'd by.
Remember when the sky was blue? When there were no planes nor motors too. The days of travel dragged on and on,  often taking lives like falling flies.   But as time moved on, the hardships were gone.
"The Land of the Free" Was written by White  men As they fearlessly planted their feet on the black and brown bodies they burnt and bled to get there And did not stop to smell the irony
Blessed with the gift of freedom We’re constantly at war with an idea  The idea of being true to ourselves and to each other  I sit, looking out, seeing PEOPLE, PLACES MOMENTS
What should America be? A country fo you? Or for me? Most would say "The greatest nation in the world" That's an easy answer, for a not-so-easy girl But why? What makes us great? Our money? Or lucky fates?
America The land of the free The land of Opportunity However, the need for jobs Is a huge deal that calls for attention We need to put in place some sort of gurantee That citizens of this great country
Land of the FREE All good all bad it's never just that easy Once great, great again? Please try and believe me
Being part of America isn't a treat   People still shoot us down, cuffs on our hands and our feet People from different races fight all around us,  cops caught in the middle 
1492. The year America stopped being great, and turned into a country full of abusement, a center of hate.
“America the Beautiful" Many a times I have heard But beauty is subjective Beautiful to thy neighbor But to me, empty words “America the Great” I have heard time and time again
Our god is green so things are never as they seem,Freedom rings but are we really free?People still being exploited like the Cree,In the land of history repeated,Was hatred every truly defeated? When Lincoln died, he believed us to be unified,Jim
America, America, land of the free But when did it become about negativity? From racial slurs to political hate When did discussions become arguments?
   Oh say can you see, the wall being built? The country we once knew now thrown on a tilt.The Dawns early light is from nuclear bombs.People praying in church reading a psalm.For this country, once so strong, now led by a man who acts before he t
They called it the free world, Where people came from around the globe, Where people came seeking freedom, And now walk in fear.   What land of opportunity?
Whoever came up with the name America the Great, I would like to ask you what makes it so great? The fact that it’s full of hate?
War hungry yet peace seeking. Assault rifles for protection. White privilege in a country built on immigrants. Home of the brave but afraid of innocent Muslims.
Stunning America, a special child from birth/Freedom her absent father, Liberty her mother/At a ripe young age she would have to prove her worth/And join forces with Justice, her unborn brother/ When Justice was born, a premature being was he/His
Back then the world had just become round, the map curling and folding, from a rectangle into a globe.   The people came from the eastern ocean and thrust their flags into the ground.  
We live, we laugh, we love, we Die Tv, Blu ray, Galaxy S Whatever We talk over Facebook No connection  
1776. This was a time the world needed a fix. A strong stand against tyranny, a fight for freedom.  Our Founding Fathers stepped in, Men found taking a stand against other men. Yet again. 
America is violence. America is a land, “where all men are created equal” But what happens when those men are people of color, Islamic, gay, or female.
The war on drugs still rages on In the slums of harlem, the slums of detroit. We pride ourselves on a free market but the most Free of all is one we do not allow.  
America the great, is not so great, Or rather great with imperfections That impede its equal opportunity gate. Even if pointed in the right direction
If the colors stay true America will roll through Through thick and thin America has been   On gloomy nights and disastrous mornings we challenged evil  and fought mischief when we could
at this time of great unrest our nation stands divided in a civil war of prose snowflakes and nazis aliens and terrorists   little do our people know pride comes before the fall
America the Great, or so she used to be... We the people traded in our life and liberty. We're slaves to media now  surrounded by what other people think, struggling for independence like a spider in a sink.
To live in a society Of Love, Altruism, Harmony; Where all my brothers and sisters not just by blood but by humanity,
It’s recess time and the school playground is filled with laughter. The kids are reciting tongue twisters like the pledge of allegiance.
Free, free, free  They all want to be But what is the cost? We bleed red, white and blue, but crimson runs the thickest and disppears in one swig  Death by hunger, death by war, death by the pig 
a sickness is not cured by wrapping a thin blanket around the sore throat  that exposes injustice.   a symbol does not hold more value over a person. an object that requires a steady wind
from the steps of lewis and clark  to the marches of those fighting  war of 1812, mexican american 1846 civil war 1861 the boats of immigrants wanting better life
The Canvas By Amanda P A blank canvas sits upon an easel No color, no words, no expectations
“Oh say! can you see By the dawn’s early light.” A land of inequities, And people cowering in fright. Masses of refugees Come home to this sight.
Oh, America the Great! Where do I start? What do I say?  Oh yes, the country where you had to wait long for your rights because you are gay   Young kids following the media, wandering ever aimlessly into their demise
They say they want to make America great again But to them, I ask, when was it great?   Was it great in the 1950’s when little black girls and little black boys
My America is yours too Our America is colorful It is sprinkled with all types of race dashed with culture with handfuls of acceptance Our America is full of love love for others and love for itself  
I pledge allegiance But to a flag? If we’re indivisible Why do I feel invisible? For which I stand I will be told to sit 1 million kids But only the 1% matters 1 million times more wealth
I don't want to take your jobs, or have your money- I don't want your welfare, property, or clothes. I don't want to take advantage of your health care or social security-
A country built on the backs of its people By the hands of its hopeful eyed migrants and slaves Yet we are burning ourselves alive I was told
Miedo saw the spot on his car It was small, hard to see from a far He knew he could hide it from the public for now Yet sooner or later it would be revealed somehow He thought of the money he didn't have 
Miedo saw the spot on his car It was small, hard to see from a far He knew he could hide it from the public for now Yet sooner or later it would be revealed somehow He thought of the money he didn't have 
America, America Red, white, and blue You’re the home of the brave You’re the land of the people, of the free
Guns don't help American society.  Need Less bomds, less guns, more aid.  Soical plans only help America.   
America is greatbut the people who made is great don't get to experience it when profits are low they cut jobs instead of their paychecksthe only people who feel the burden are the ones just trying to scrape by
It all started with the Drums. That steady beating that created towers and slums. Steady beating for those wounded and fallen, Drumming for those who were beaten and forgotten All were supposed to seen as a patriot,
part one: IAMIAMIAM, or Is this how you think? I am trying to understand   1.1: the moderate   I dressed my baby!*
Red for the color of her first car that she was so ecstatic about, For the stop sign she saw the other driver disregard,
I sit here in the morning Sipping my coffee. Every single day Something stops me. I read the news,  A disaster here and there, A sprinkle of protest,  A dash of terrorism,
We are a land of the United, Of Justice and Freedom,    Yet, here we are--the most divided of them all.   Going day by day,  Yelling,  Hating, Cursing,  
May your freedoms exist in writing and enchant you with hopeMay your liberties inspire a change in your soulMay your fantasy of a perfect reality be taught in school classrooms
I can hear the soft murmurs of laughter and the joyful noise of friendship fills my ears, In front of me snaps of red fizzle down the dark purple sunset and booms of blue light up my eyes,
One day We'd be free they said We'd be liberated If that's true Then why are there still shackles Weighing down my every move Preventing me to take even the slightest step forward
America was created for all No matter what size even short or tall Yet not everyone is treated the same Throughout the years there has been little to no change The demand for equality is great
Slaves, wars, and riots Our history is terrible We cannot deny that Allowing innocents to be killed Allowing houses to be burned Allowing the world around us to crumble
The Deceit Of America   America, the land of free. The very free we all wish to be. I was told from a very young age that this was our path, it was our calling.
Jose can't you see? That there's no equity That the house of the weary  Is no longer free   I once had a dream That we could all be a team In a colorful land Home to every brand.  
there is something to be said about family.and love. and culture. and is what you are born into through casualty
We police the world We see ourselves as perfect We see wrong in all.
They want to help the minority, Why not start with the majority. We've got corrupt corporations,Taking over the whole nation. Monsanto is for sure a tout, Suing all the farmers without a doubt.
I am blinded by light Flashing, flashing, flashing The images blur together Aggressively telling me Buy MAC Buy COACH Call 1-800-GET-THIN Blinking Flashing Blinking Flashing
Rising and falling History on repeat  Bombs and endless wars We all must always compete Fighting to the death Living to the brink Fathers holding guns Mothers burying sons
A flag flies free over tired backs and vagabonds. The people hear shouts and screams of their America being torn apart. Prejudice and hopelessness are overflowing
America the Great, At least in theory. America the Great, Why are we so dreary?   America the Great, Unemployment, welfare. America the Great, No politician could truly care.  
We the people, We the great, We the wonderful, We the states,   Remember when you were young?
Falling Spiraling And never to see the end Of the monotony Sirens Alarms Ringing out lamentations Of the ever-oppressed
What is great about america, is not the onslaught of people who peacefully protest and not the people who lost their lives for mistaken crimes, not the assumption of actions for race
Dear America the great, what is our fate? A land where we care more about the vape than the women getting raped.
In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue The Native Americans called this place home, but they were not free to continue on They were not free to stay where they had been
I once believed in the American Dream. Now its dead, like Malcolm and the King. I have a dream. One day, freedom will ring. 
  What do I see in the land of the free and the home of the brave?   Fat minds grow restless, fed stories of the hardship and challenge of older days. Pride blooms like a plague in the hearts of the prosperous.
In a land filled with strife, if only we valued life. The home of the free, where values stand, if only we cared more for our land. Our entertainment now is filled with lust,
When my father stepped off the plane twenty years ago and found his way to The Bronx where his brothers were waiting for him, It was to live every day plagued by stories of his
Why is one man raised above another? Thinking he's better just because of a color Why does one man think he can choose who belongs? Thinks he can choose who stays or who gets pushed along
It’s not you… It’s me… No, no, no-- It’s most certainly the other way around! Listen, sweetheart… I love you But you need to change, first.  
God Bless America ​Land that I love The land of the free and the home of the brave But is it really the land of the free? I do love my country. I was born and raised in the state of California.
'Merica Is the old man who stopped and turned To snarl at my mothers beige skin In the dairy aisle without shame It is the voice in my head saying  I'll never be able to hold my girlfriends hand 
Our world is full of trifles People getting too caught up in battles I believe in freedom of choice I want everyone to be able to use their voice America needs to stick to what they know
Hands over hearts, morning after morning Some don’t bother speaking anymore Their silence is louder than the words that flit around the classroom Why pledge Allegiance to a country that has wronged so many?
Imagine a world so unlike this one Where grimy hands were not free to cross lines, And no one experienced the sinking jolt Of panic caused by bad touches Brought on by loud mouthed musketeers
America. Land of the free home of the brave... for a few. America. A country founded on "All Men Are Created Equal"... Not true. America.
Oh Beautiful for the same-sex couples who get married without judgment  Spacious skies that contain no bombs to harm other countries Waves of grain and fruited plains that feed all of the hungry
Hate. Intense or passionate feelings of dislike. Feelings that rip apart friends, families, nations alike. Today, it is a feeling of honor among this nation.
America Home of free and brave Everyone 'loves' America But why are we so divided?   If America is beautiful, why do we pollute? If America is great, why do we hate?
Red white and blue Land of the free Land of the brave Land of prejudice and violence   We love our country We discriminate against our people
  For the men who cried and died on 9-ll, whose son was only seven, The planes that crashed and burst into flames, Oh how it was such a shame,
Freedom can be yours in the land of the free This is true, but only if you listen to me Don't open your mouth to speak The best kind of thoughts are the ones that are bleak Oh, the American dream?
We are America... the land of the free, the home of the brave, yet we stll have many crises pertaining to inequality, poverty, Geneaolgy, social class, economic wealth and generosity.
Long ago so the story goes Lived our nation founders of old They stood together and wrote their goals On a dream of which they haven't seen uphold A nation of freedom and prosperity
How far would someone have to push you To make your soul leave your body Only for you to live anew. Everything you touch, Everything you taste, 
Jefferson was no man of equality spitting lines about freedom and individuality while holding the chains of my brothers and me His legacy never lost
Farm these bodys, and harvest these men! We are a nation of tax producing hens. Free in this pen, the field hides our fence. The illusion of choice makes us feel human.
Taxes Religion Freedom Slavery War Poverty Problems. America was once great. But now, we are only a shadow of our forefathers. We fight over insignifcant problems
Blue sea, blue skyEagles, flying highA nation so greatI could not wait For its influence is so greatYou may askWhy I have no hateI will stand proud and sayBecause I live in the USA  
Sure, we have the power to choose our own goverment, Vote for our own leaders We also have Freedom of Press and Freedom of Religion We, most importantly, have The Freedom of Speech.
my father's eyes arered, white, and blue.third generation immigrant,he is proud of what he has done,of what this country's allowed him to become. 
If freedom were a cape and bravery a mask, This country we call Great, in its glory we would not bask.   For there is no hero beneath the suit, merely a guise,
America, the home of the free Founding Fathers resisting a tyrannical power Oh how we brought them to their knees And now, here we are, at the end of our nation's hour With the violence taking over the world
A burning banner lights the hopeless night Set fire by those who turn backs and fight Against the country which they helped create The blessings, they did not appreciate  
Born in 1999, a Northwest city. Three sisters and three brothers, parents with no college degree and one income. But what do I know, of the riots, police brutality,
Red, white, blue-the country in which I exist Never questioned or realizing that something is amiss.. Born to a culture that screams being patriotic since before I was a kid. Red
Why do we continue to insist On saying 'our flawless nation' When that very statement Couldn't be further from the truth?
You see the red hats "Make America Great Again" But when were we great? When we stole souls from thier homelands? No. When we held millions of Japaneese Americans hostage in their so called homeland?
Aghast I throw my eyes to the stars and ask, do they mean to lie to me, or is this why they shine? But they can't answer, in their yellow twinkle, over the rumble of how great we think we are, driven by personal gain.
When the president promises to make America great again, Which America is he referring to? Is it the one, Built on the backs of immigrants The one,
it's like a wall and a wall is like a structure because structures are made of walls but only if we described our structure as something more as just walls
I live well My parents feed me every night My stomach is never empty The latest toys fall into my lap A stay at home mother for me to cry to   I had not realized
I learned the word animosity in 2016 Because the word is thrown around carelessly Whether it be in the news or in discussion This word is used to describe the world currently   This word is new to me
I remember you were conflicted, the choices in life you should've never had to make, options between Shakespeare and a gun. You chose the gun, because you never believe a choices had to be made Between receiving an education or becoming a statisti
A second class citizen or maybe a third, To be first you must be rich, no matter how absurd. You get points if your white, or have a nice sounding name,  For the Latoya's and A-Arons, you'll get naught but shame.
Sometimes we think that, Others are spoiled, and we are victims. It is proposed, “This country is dying, failing, a broken system,” “Was it ever great?” they echo, Each election hastens shock and recoil,
America the Great It’s something you shouldn’t hate, We look to strive And keep record of our archives   From the Roman times
America---- You call us a People United. You proudly call yourself a 'Melting Pot' Although that may be true, you fool yourself by the own lies you tell. We are divided. Divided by the color of our skin.
Dear America,  You kidnap me from my home and family in my motherlandYou stuff me under your ships for months and set sail for a New WorldYou ruffle my feathers and force me into your fields You sell me as a slave for way less than my worth You be
Dear America, What happened to the words you said? “…all men were created equal.” Oh, the lies you have fed. All lives matter.
As we have 1.6 Million people on the steets braving nature as if we are in year 1. As we have 4.9 percent of Americans unemployed, not counting those not even looking for jobs.
"Make America Great Again!" It's the slogan we all hear.  "Americans are full of hate!" from the mouths of people that live here. Many years of suffering and depression. And all for what?
How can we say we live in the land of the free while the homes of the brave are being taken away            How can we ignore the illness and poverty suffered so immensely
Turn over your hands, let me read the lines. I'll feel the aches in those curves, read the letters between the creases in your skin. The soles beneath your shoes smell of sun-baked earth.
In these Disunited States We're always concerned with such petty things as Left or right Black or white This or that
America the Great? do we rate? There are homeless and poor... So we could do more to aid and to feed to help those in need. There also are wars, hate, crime and pollution.
Love thy neighbor Love thy brothers and sisters Believer in Him or not One cannot deny, Love thy neighbor   To love thy neighbor To love thy brothers and sisters One must open their hearts
"Make America Great Again" The words spoken by our infamous leader This is His America With bombs and threats,  Insults and cat calls Racism, sexism, ageism Fascism and imperialism
I never ever claimed to be a lyrical genius or one who spit words from the top of my cranium that could make you so furious because the truth has the effect to cause major pain in sum.   
Warm wind whistles low. Humidity increases quite slow. Rain begin to fall in the heat of day. All the children hide away.  A mother reaches out her hand. Promises to protect the land. Promises to care for the children who live in said place. Promi
Warm wind whistles low. Humidity increases quite slow. Rain begin to fall in the heat of day. All the children hide away.  A mother reaches out her hand. Promises to protect the land. Promises to care for the children who live in said place. Promi
France hates us. The world laughs at us. We are slobs.   We are free. We are generous. We are beautiful.  
In America, we are free To do what we wish Thus, with joy we cry And oh how we pray That freedom has not died For if she dies we are lost
I think you cannot claim every person on your soil If you only want ones undefeated by their toil Some of them collapsed under your burden Some of them used to think they were important
I still feel the slap of disgrace in humanity and I will still feel the grip of xenophobia It feels like water up my nose when I can swim but I Still Can’t Breathe
This non-lyrical, spiritual shit I listen to Make me realize how much I’m missin you These instrumentals might take down the institute And make ladies like you, more than an ingenue
We are living in the index of a history book yet to come.  
  Can you see through the smog in the air In which the sun’s bright light is dimming from space debris, but we do not care Twilight's last gleaming, the only time the harsh pollution is hidden
Age 9, daydreaming.  What I Would Do If I Were President. Diseae. Poverty Starvation. Huddled masses, and nobody breathing free.  MLK believed the arc bends toward justice.  MLk was wrong. 
America, the great, is what it claims to be, But the America I know is a giant catastrophe.
Bravery in the face of danger Courage in a foreign land Your selflessness in service As strong and united you stand   For the old as with the young Both loved ones and those unknown
In it's history, America has played Many different roles: The Damsel The Villain And The Train
Waving flag; Burning flag Freedom Equality Justice For all Let your voice be heard Protest Disobey
I believe in the education system that tells our youth how to do IT safely rather than not at all. IT. Yes. IT. IT as in sex.  
We've grown up being told that we can become anything. But the white lies turn into  the darkness that consumes you. Because once your hopes get high enough, they come crashing down and
Yes I can see From the glow of my computer light That I cannot be proud of Our stars and stripes. We stand on the shore and ignore The helpless cries of our fellow man,
Soup with only one ingredient, salad with only lettuce. Women, gays, blacks, we can speak only if they let us.   Indivisible under God, yet my country is rooted by evil.
I Am American I am American, home of the brave and free, I am American, where dawns early light glints of the handgun cellphone, something in his pocket can't tell what it was BANG BANG BANG
  I’m proud to be an American, For surely we are blessed! The Hand of God reaches lovingly out to caress Our saints, our patriots, our sons we’ve laid to rest.   I’m proud to be an American—
Though She may think she is sweet and kind, There is a mean monster behind. This monster is ruthless And selfless.   This monster I speak of
America The Country that rose from oppression Filled with people with their own mission We strive for success whatever the stakes Pushing ourselves to achieve it no matter what it takes  
Land of the free and home of the brave, A place with endless opportunities that outsiders crave, A nation where the flag of red, white, and blue, constantly wave, This is America.  
An outcast and the people’s man Is nothing but a lewd artifice of a leader His white hot rhetoric sears into America’s already scarred skin She weeps for her children
 When you think of America, You might think the land of the free. The place where a man comes, To give a better life for his family.  
A people so isolated in a culture of assimilation, A nation so apathetic to all of creation. When the eyes of the opressed weep beneath their boots, Crushed beneath a system of fascist roots.
The Star – Spangled BannerA tune of greatnessThough the tune is sweetAnd the message is greatBut the mission is not achieved. The Star – Spangled BannerHas not yet fought with unemploymentOther citizens lack chance for higher educationWith poor ec
In a world full of possibility, all I see is hate. In a land of freedom, so many feel oppressed, left to sit like cattle while men with money in their pockets participate in the great debate.
Zero to thirteen to fifty Farm to factory to firm From dreams 'till fate From duty 'till freedom In justice In unity Unwavering that waving Unstifling that soul
When I was seventeen, I had a friend With sparkling eyes and a contagious smile She had a fire for life and goals to achieve Two men ripped away her aspirations
I am proud of America. I am proud to live in a land of rights for all. I am proud to follow in the footsteps of those who came before.  
I walk into the coffee shop      like I usually do As I ask for the usual               tea and croissant I see in the corner                    the conflict of red and blue.
Us, a fragment of Earth under siege And does he not hear our plea. Thrusting towards the new, dark age Our beautiful country, now Satan's stage. Any effort to heal the wounds of our soldiers
Women standing in the crowded downtown, Hold home-made signs in their hands. Many of them read,  "Keep your laws off my body". I am one of these women who stand, Although my hands are empty.
We’ve associated an answer with this question for decades Waves of newspapers address it Dissect it Bless us, we free people, for we understand our place
Make America great again? Wait give me a second Let's go back way back when We killed the natives  Is there really anything that can save us? When we hide behind guns From people we label as savages
I am going to be blunt Police are murdering black kids Poor considered less than the 5% Politicians are lying President won't say a word about black boys dying They passing anti-gay laws
  America is free Free of equal rights that women have but still cant decide what happens to our bodies Freedom to vote  but get judged for who you did   Free to be the mixing pot
In the land of the free we enslave each other We're suppose to love, but instead we betray our own sister and brother We have the chance to overcome, but we hold ourselves back
Oh, can you see? The protestors in the early light So proudly we march To regain our stolen rights   Rainbow stripes and loud cries Break the silence of the day Throughout the world we marched
America the great   America the great what happened to your grace? Was it ever there? Or just one of the many illusions you create?  
America the Great, The land of the free, This is my home And you won’t take it from me.   We split from Britain In a bloody war, where Brothers fought brothers, and
America, you began on a solid foundation.  You were great. You were beautiful. You flourished. You grew. People came from all over to marvel at you.  Do you know why you were so great?
A Place of white supremacy Lies a little white girl like me There is no hate when I pick a mate But only if I decline the straight I pick and choose which side I fight on
Set fire to the right tree, the whole forest will burn Think. Not of a grim reality, but of the galvanizing truth The one who ignites the right branch hopes to illuminate the right tree, the whole forest will burn
America? Known as a nation reborn, Through war and tragedy we still uplift our hopes. We take each other by the hand urging them to hold on, There are the men that choose to face each other causing hate and struggle.
We the people In order to form a more perfect Union:   Establish a system of injustice- a system of slavery that will never be outlawed
Trump says, "Make America great again," but when was America ever great? Was America great when Europeans crossed the Atlantic Ocean and took the Natives' land and proclaimed it as theirs?
In a world where nothing stays the same Either for better or worse America could either lead to fame Or it can lead you to a hurse Aren't they both the same? They seem to be a curse
America, land of the free, home of the brave America, scars still fresh, from the war bestowed upon you America, you are suffering, you are hurting America, ruled by the corrupt, ruled not by the people
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." -Statue of Liberty. New York. Independence Day, 1776. Walls, rules. All raised to keep out a refugee, an immigrant. Obstacles, hoops.
Everyone talks about how blue the sky was that morning,They talk about the first responders who were quick to help the hurt,About the people who traveled to the golden gates that day About their family members and their friends and all effected,Ab
Even a garden is perfect from far away, but look close for problems clear as day. The weeds and roots twist and wind, despite the farmers daily grind.  Without change of habbits or location,
America the Great? More like America's a fraud, Stealing from the poor, trying to keep up their facade, Polishing their shoes with the sweat of hard workers, Blaming us for their troubles when they're the real shirkers,
I won’t turn on the news when I watch TV Because I can’t handle the things I know I will see Instead I watch comedies and try to push them from my mind
America is not free, not until everyone has the same rights as you and me. We? Us? Them? Who am I to say we are the same. They fight to walk down the streets. I fight just to marry the man of my dreams.
America, spit-shined shoes and starry-eyed saints,  heart beating under the trumpets you are an ingenue, a stock image of sensibilities.   America, your shadow looms over me.
Our national anthem proudly sings,“O’er the land of the free,” But as we look deeper to the colors of our flag, It was never always red, white, and blue.
Time machines were supposed to be cool Not for prejudice to take the rule. Have we reached the end? Can we make amends? Trump this. Trump that. Take off that hat. We know what your hiding.
America, you of which I do dream Every wonderful road, or each steel beam The home of the brave, the land of the free Why does your gaze never pass over me forgotten, alone, almost derelict.
Imagine free-falling from the mountainside to the earth. Watch the trees die and woods stand still in mourning. Can you feel that, the tell-tale heart pitter-pattering with adrenaline? Or is it nerves,
Pledge your life to endless pride We only want total control Pray for our nation under our God As we commit genocide - Submit to the conditional freedom Or become our hated scapegoat
My baby-blue Buttoned up Jersey. Neck burnt with hard Work, in the sun my ball cap Has its most useful duty. The Rawlings glove is not Forgotten, like the tickets that were
America the beautiful, oh land so proud and vast It saddens me to see you so, both now and in the past Degraded of the liberty so many young men died for I wish to see you learn again of something more to fight for
The greatest thing About this place Is the lack of conformity. I am allowed to speak my mind,  However it won't change the hands of time. 239 years in a downward spiral,
Ivy is born in the Bronx At 6:04 A.M. She enters the world wailing, Falling flat against grimy bathtub in her grandfather’s basement.
There is a light on a hill,  Gleaming in the distance, Do not follow their example.  Do not visit their fire.    Atop the hill sits a house on fire,  Divided and divided again, 
When they questioned our religion,  America stood. When they threatened our freedom, America stood. When they fought us and tried to take us down, America stood.
I am what you call a latina Just another mexican niña I am what you call a pansexual Once again another ignored label   America the Great
Each day you wake up  and each day the pledge is heard some stand up and put their hand on their hearts but others stay seated For is it really true? One nation under god with liberty and ¨Justice¨ for all
"Face the Sun"  
A stranger in the eyes of a child damned to live in a country of wickedness, How ironic the place of freedom is the most bound place on earth. A solid chained weight on our ankles corroded in sinfulness,
oh, give me a home <br>where the buffalo roam <br>where the deer and the antelope play <br>where seldom may heard a discouraging word <br>and the skies are not cloudy all day <br><br>america, land of true libert
Why Why should I shut my mouth with subjects on moral and humane rights because "I'm...too...young..." "I...wouldn't...understand..." You may be right I don't understand How can,
how can so much hate come from within a land known as great? there is no end to this fight for humanity to give in is to give away your sanity.      
Day in and day out, the tension rises, What does our red, white and blue really mean? Can we avoid this terrible crisis, Or will our fear prevent the twilight gleam? I recall when we weren’t so divided,
Friendships formed, never severing, Just kidding, we were at war the whole time and missed everything.
You want me to pledge allegiance to the flag..A flag what’s patriotism should have disguised to meThat it was bred to
Home of the Brave? More like home of the slave. Slave to social media. Slave to materials. Slave to a glued to the wall redia. When will we go back to where things were physical
America is the land of the free, But sometimes, we are not as free as we think. Our votes don't matter; The electoral college ensures that. Our women's bodies are subject to men's whims,
I was made in America. My grandfather is a veteran. My father black. My mother white. I am from a bloodline of freedom fighters. I was packaged,
This country is my home but what it stands for I don't always agree with   I don't like what happened to Mike Brown's case or how they handled anyone who hates that race  
I want to love you America, but how can I when our greatest mistake as a nation is preaching to our youth that what is in our textbooks can never happen again   we preach intelligence 
America, aren't you supposed to be free? A land free of racism, injustice, and just letting me be me? Every day we turn on the news, A man is dead, his wife and unborn baby too.  
The land I fly for is not the land I should fly for. The land I fly for honors my stripes and stars but not each other. The land I fly for only knows inequality.
America pledged a sugar coated liberty To sweeten such bitter remorse. Yet her heart burned by trepidity When she hid her wounds with words.   She sang a twisted song, Her lyrics laced with dread
Oh say can you see? By the dawn’s early light The big wall towering Over us all upright Whose broad bricks And bright clay
Oh, say, can you see What you believe, you may achieve By the dawn's early light Every morning, an opportunity What so proudly we hailed Together, a prideful nation At the twilights last gleaming?
My dear Joy Dorany,
How can we be The land of the free And the home of the brave, When we are nothing more than a knave, an enclave, Digging our own grave?  You can hear their cries, The millions of sobs very loud and clear,  Those of a mother, mourning the death of
Do I think America is great of course   But do I think it could be better definitely There is so much that can be done in order to make America different  Different from what all the other countries could ever be
I pledge allegiance to the flag, stitched together only to be sectioned, ripped apart, burnt at the stake for minority sake and for the love of the Divided States of America they march
America is not great and the American Dream is fake.  We are still fighting battles that should have been won over 100 years ago.  Racism and seems we have just given up How about our education it's really bad
In my neighborhood the pit pat pit of tiny dog feet echo Loud into the   Silence
Today in the world, People are obsessed with diamonds and gold. Children forced to sit still, Forced to bend to their parents will.
America the beautiful, built on the blood, sweat, and tears of those who did not survive to see the country they helped build, sweeping some coast to coast, sea to shining sea.
  America the great but is it really? Nowadays it seems all I hear is hate The new talk is about wanting to escape run away to a different country
America oh, America. A nation home to many. America oh, America. The foundations of your values have been revered by many. Liberty is your creed, Freedom is what you bleed, yet many still feel agony.
Come one come all come see, Don’t shy from the light! Though I know it’s no longer gleaming, You might not see a star! But at least they stopped putting up a fight! It’s just begging to be watch’d!
Oh say can’t you see, The home and land of the free…   The free...   Each day one more decree, enforced over me.
I place my hand on my heart and my arm on my back and I begin to sing then I begin to reflect on all the people who gave their lives so I could live So I could come to this event where all these people
Constantly America has shown its Strength Today however people have begun to lose faith The flag used to show hope for all Now the flag only waves on the riches call Here we stand together as they say
A country meant for, All who care to look upwards, Toward that bright flag.
Everyone preaches the great Red, White, and Blue. We've been raised to. But why do we praise Red, White, and Blue? Why is it something we so mindlessly do? Hands over our hearts, we pledge to one nation,
America now Sees mental illness As something taboo to talk about Outside of a hospital, As something to suppress so long as I get that ‘A’, As something not legitimate next to a broken leg,
The heterosexual white men of our country are blinded with their star-spangled eyes, As the rest of us become motivated and brave. Yes, this may be the “land of the free”,
What we were then is not what we are now For changes were made, that were good and bad. What I don’t understand is exactly how
It’s time for change. In America, Women getting told They shouldn’t have worn that. In America, Men getting told
we are america the brave   do you see us?   we are here feet pressed firmly into american soil and we will not back down these are my sisters and my brothers 
Every morning at the beginning of class We all rise and stand as a mass Pledging to our country's flag But for many, it can become such a drag  To realize that we won't pledge any more
 This is a shape poem; start at the very top and read from left to right. For simplicity's sake, I uploaded the poem as an image.
America, you lied to me I came here to grab all the opportunities It was a long wait, in that large embassy I held on my mother’s hand as we flew across the sea  
A walk through Washington D.C. would be incomplete Without a stop at a trickling fountain - The object of a thousand dreams And pennies flicked up high, Like the work of our forefathers
We the people. United we stand! Oh, That's right.. United we stand, Conditionally. United we stand, If you are heterosexual If you are christian
America   Have we got what we sought out— Have we deafened our ears— Have we defended with honor— Have we lasted the years?   Learned to love and learned to hate,
“...America, America, God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea!” How do we sing of a country so great
The excitement grows like a great inhale Watching the glass ceiling’s break come to bear Friends around me ensuring sense will prevail Yet nothing comes to stop the hate in the air
America, The country of genocide, suicide,  homicide America, The country of proslavery, bravery, not savoury America, The country of glory, history, territory America, Oh, America, why did you fall from grace?
America wasn't great? Im sorry, didn't know. We aren't truly free? Is that an actual fact? I didn't even know. I Couldnt see. Cause I knew from the start, America wasn't made for me.
Change causes sunken ships. See Starbucks, their cup lost sips.   An attack on America, That absent-Christmas glory; But even worse, are these fingerprints- Don’t care for such stories.  
You seemed to be lost, can you tell me who you are?Your face is familiar, maybe I've seen you without all the scars.That tattoo on your neck, what does it say? “All lives matter” yeah maybe one day.You're a man I can see, can you tell me how…You w
         America; America the great | The New World stands with open gates | Open arms to the shambled freights | Heavy laden with the poor and the desperate | Th
I’m opening a restaurant On the corner of Liberty Street And Broadway. New York’s Broadway makes billions, but I got a small loan of a million dollars
Breathe.   When you take a breath, what do you feel?   Do you feel alive or ready to help this nation thrive even more?   Now think.  
To be strong, To be powerful. To be young, And to be mighty. Land of the free, Home of the brave. America is beautiful,  
Land of the free Home of the brave Cruel individuals litter the streets With their lies and sneers When will people be genuine again? America is filled with cheaters and liars
In America we are free That's why the government should let us be In an exchange for freedom, people had to die So people may show their pride because it's surely nothing to hide
The water is too murky The water is too gray. The water is too polluted. To see the fish at bay. For the fisherman had never thought That his fish would have never been caught
Remember, Remember how America was great although there was terror Remember the Roosevelts and Honest Abe, what they contributed and oh, how they were aware
Question one. How did Nazi Germany rise to power? A) Religion B) Scapegoating C) Nationalism D) All of the above.  
Within the winter months, Ice and snow cover the ground But with this specific winter Tears emerge all around   Discontent turns to ice In hard-working men and women Cement walls are discussed
This country is united but not under God, you're blind if you think this country isnt flawed. We have troops dying left and right, people dont say a word, People dont see the real picture, the real picture is blurred.
What I want to know is Why there's riots in the streets  Why people can't afford to eat  Why my black friends are scared And hoping that their lives can be spared  People are a mess 
America the great where we care more about a kid’s GPA more than their mental health. where we are driven by money and not dreams. where the people are lied to, and believe every word.
Fade up lights 2 and 3! We want to have a general wash on the poverty, So the audience can see but not truly see the details of The decaying clothes and caved in stomachs and
Should I be afraid to walk outside because underneath my clothes is a black man inside?  Who is the child underneath the white sheets being gun down while playing with his toy in the streets?   A mother is crying, down on her knees, for her child'
These words that were written so long ago They cease to shine. They cease to grow. They mock me now, day in and day out.  For tis nothing but a puppet show,   I wonder why we ignore the past
Work 9-5 every day But these Bills I cannot pay I try to go to school But my passion I have to overlook Cause it costs $500 just for the fricken textbook Our jobs are being moved All under trade deals
Religious freedom you ask? You must've heard it from the settlers. Who dares question my right to believe? We must've fought for our freedom not yours.   I am a prouduct of immigrants.
O say can you see Just how far we’ve come. The injustice in our country Is a battle far from won. People line the streets
Little Angel   This little angel We are putting our faith in you. We hope that you will do well,
I did a research paper my senior, an internal assessment - an IA. I did it on a topic that hit close to my roots: Neoslavery.
Recently I am not proud to be an American I do not get the songs I do not want to pledge I do not want to identify There is hate There is discrimination There is division
She is beauty She is dreams She holds misogyny  Hoping for a better life it seems   She talks to everyone Discusses their ideas and desires The only offspring with a say is the son
America the great land of the free Land of acceptance and diversity America, land made for you and me Yes, land of the free… until recently  
America--   The land of the hope The land of the free The land of opportunities That’s what they said to me.   A place of glory,
Yes, America is a great place to live  America is like the Hollywood of the world that everybody wants to visit People wearing the American Flag Print Loud and proud  America is a place of dreams and wonders 
Build a wall! Our brothers and sisters of the South have thrived Under the shadow of oppression, located In the "land of opportunity," now fear for their future as they are
These days children are crying Old people are dying The privileged are whining "Why can't everyone have MediCare!" "That's so not fair!"
America The Great Or Shall i Say america The Hate We're The Image Of The Land For Heavens Sake And We keep Increasing Our Murder Rate Killed By An Officers , A Black Man's Fate
America made me, half believing in my dreams half knowing I would have to fight for my life battling the words meant to kill me, giants spitting words 
America is a beautiful hypocrite. It offers greatness, but only for the ones that are worthy. The mothers who break their backs and fend for their children, only to find their hands come up empty;
America, oh America how great you still are America, oh America we have come so far America, oh America what is going on here America, oh America we are being overrun by fear
America, oh America how great you still are America, oh America we have come so far America, oh America what is going on here America, oh America we are being overrun by fear
No jobs , No will What can be done More school less money it’s all gone This great country is dieing ,oh and all for what They say be patient, they say its better
America Where they say to be yourself But "yourself" should be beautiful So you make Yourself Only you know you will never compete  With the image on the screen Or the perfect aesthetic squares
God Bless America! Where the grand homes spit on the peasent who make the ground they walk on God Bless America! Where black infestation is eliminated by the wonderful cops who are suppose to be protection
America started out with slavery. But, we took a step of bravery.   The pain the suffering and agony . When the slaves needed it the most America took a vote
America, not so great. But who else is to blame for our doomed fate? A nation divided, far from united What's more frightening, when people are openly racist or they hide it? 
"America the great" huh? How about America the fake? How about this joke that we take for the media, What about the corruption of our images?America the land of materialism, the bought, the sold, 
This country where I was born and raised, where my seeds were sown, was never one I used to be ashamed of. The red, white, and blue were the colors of my blood, and the spirit in my chest.
For the land of the free, there sure is a lot of bondage and incarceration imbalance. You can only go to jail if you're not a straight, conservative, wealthy, white male.
  People ask me what to me makes America. If you ask 1,000 people you will get 1,000 answers, some good some bad, so let me just lay down a few facts.  
America the great? Some say so, others say no. While life has improved for some Many have had their lives worsened   Less are in college And we’re supposed to be an educated country?
We say the land of the free And yet we have a scandal about our President’s Pee. This doesn’t seem to be very fair to Me.  
a perfect world full of love full of life all above there is no violence there is no pain it makes no sense does it?   reverse turn it upside down that is how we live
America the great or America the fake?
America flies, but we need to soar. We strive for higher, but pull ourselves down. We look to the left; we look to the right, When the answer is meet in the middle.  
america. we all preach it as the land of the free the home of the brave. america. the new president says we need to make it great again. what made it not as great?
Tell me something Am I too much for you Too loud for you Too little for you I have realized in just a short 17 years We are not who we think we are
  Faces facing forward, Focus Fixated on the Flag. God Bless America, Land of the Free and those Good-for-Nothing Mexican Scumbags.   Hand over Heart, Hand over Ears, over Eyes,
Said he would make it great again Too bad it was just pretend Where once they were welcomed, they now flee Tyranny, fascism, and maximum authority Could thou have a change of heart? Make us one to be admired
This is the truth: Other countries look at us and don't understand Why we haven't yet learned to love. We are not treated equally. We do not understand our own people. We are raised to hate,
Life Taken from the sons in Afghanistan, the brothers in Vietnam, the fathers in the Pacific   Liberty Demolished by Big Brother
America the great? Land of the free? What does America mean to me? Who is America and who are its people? An American is the weight of more than 19 trillion dollars of debt.
We live in a culture of vultures We don’t even have time to breathe We are only supposed to succeed and conceive Because what else are we supposed to believe?  
Just imagine the size of who we are From all of the stripes to every single last star. People don't realize how far America has actually come. But people need to start realizing all of the work that needs to be done.
What does it mean—to have pride? Does it mean flying our flag high, Or red, white, and blue fireworks, On the fourth of July?   What does it mean—to be patriotic?
Welcome to America All are free in this land But if you are black Equal rights you cannot demand. Welcome to America All are free in this land But if you are Muslim
Oh America the beautiful land that was here long before us was stolen, and the treachery of our foundation was made on the bones of the deceased.
Greetings America You're a great sport I supposed you're egotistic and somewhat rather strange I like that you're diverse although you're not all there at a time I hate the crimes that made you great 
Independance won War unending Bombs burst in one another Friendly fire, undying Unfriendly voices, trying Flag waving o'er us My country and yours A foreign flag on the horizon
Oh America the Great? The skies  forsaken by hatred's  racial waves. Where is God to shed his grace on Thee? The streets are  filled with  regressing change
Roaring through the Purple Mountains Majesty Comes a thunder deeper than any ocean And from across the golden fields and valleys Comes a great people in motion
Oh crown thy good in brotherhood and sisterhood. Crown the days the weeks the months  we spend with our backs bent over the stoves and our hips holding our children. Crown us Queens,
America the beautiful, We believe you are the beautiful alright. Where your stars and stripes should resemble the different American people Yet we don’t even consider those intricate patterns unless they’re white.
All you see on the news lately is stuff about how we’re all gonna die. What’s the point? Why try? Because it seems that anything we do now won’t matter. It’s too late.
As humans, color is a big part of the world as we know it. Different colors mean different things and represent different things and look like different things.  
She's soft, gentle within. Yet firm, and strong out. She's patient, loving, and understanding. She's the provider of another ethnic, another religious group, another culture, and me. She's wrinkled.
My grandmother saw America not as a land of opportunity, but as a last resort. Taking off only when there was nothing left Leaving because a twenty-six-year-old with four children cannot provide on a dime.
The land of the free, The home of the brave, Building up walls That will only decay Liberty and Justice, For a select few
How is it, the country we live and accept the very fundamentals frowned upon 250 years ago These cardinal virtues is what we are established on How is it, a baby in this day and age never see the abhorrent perks of this world
Back in Ninety-Seven, back when I was born America was far different; less hate and scorn Back when schools taught old fashioned, and parents had respect;
Die for your country it's your duty kid no? communist. are you not ready to die  are you not willing to kill it's the american way cut your hair before you go
The Flag Burns It burns as we set it to flame not with a match but with our votes with our rigged elections with our money with our blank mind knowing we are sedated
August 3rd, 1492.  Christopher Colombus set sail in search of something Great.  He did.    1492. Same Year, Christopher Colombus found Native Americans and named them "Indians"  
Does the banner still wave? Over the land of the free? Over the home of the brave? It's waving for me, tattered as may be.
The sun is in the sky but I find myself asking why. Why is America beautiful? Why is America great? Does it need to be great again or was it ever? We call ourselves the land of the free, the home of the brave
Land of the free and the home of the brave? More like land of the thieves and home of the slaves! Taxation steals money all over the nation. We're working for the government on this corporate plantation.
I must admit I’m nervous. Nervous to stand in front of those I know well and those only vaguely. Nervous to proclaim the things which have caused turmoil within me.
Oh America, I love to call you mine. If I had the courage I would fight for this land. I feel useless compared to those who give everything for this land. For this land, I shall become the best person I can be.  
I see the people around me, living their daily lives, not caring. The most outspoken ones hushed in fear that their actions will be deemed too daring but the truth dared to be revealed.
in my america, i’ve found that there’s a darkness in it. it’s grown darker these past few months; it’s breaking apart at the seams
That great flag flys high above us, it says freedom for all Freedom for all has some terms and conditions though Must be of a light or fair skin tone Must be of a christian denomination Must be a man
The moment we are born we are told who we are To our mothers, to our fathers it's a path we'll never stray afar. America the beautiful, America the strong
She's suicidal,  Finally done, Looking up to their idols, Chest feels like a ton,  Slowly losing vitals, It's no longer fun, The endless cycle. She's not the only one,
Our flag is a banner, held high to the light. For all men are one, whether black or white.  From persecution we came, to judgment we go.  Have people forgotten the song, is it not so? 
United as one Divided as one What we so proudly hailed became seperated by indviduals We've come together as one before, to give us proof through the night, That are flag was still there when we were all one,
America is burning. It’s slow. Slow like when you ask, “Sir, I’m real sorry, But could you please put out your Cigarette?” You know that moment I’m talking about.
It's more than a tweet  More than 37 likes on instagram  showing me your #bodypostivity #heforshe scrolling through the void empty scream issues trending on buzzfeed
“Land of the free*” As if.   As if women do not scream for equality As if black people are not afraid As if trans kids are not shunned And the gay flag tucked away  
What if America really could be Great What if America wasn't all Hate What if America didn't Discriminate   We're gonna make America Great again?
America the land of free Freedom is what promised A melting pot of people Yet we are setting limits on who is welcome  Based of religion We let are fear control  Not so welcoming any more
Jazmine, I hope you remember to open this time capsule To read this poem, and tell me if our country is still a haggle To live in because of its unfair system The country where you get dirty looks for being a victim.
We live in a world where football is important Where balls getting deflated get a fifteen-minute news segmentAnd military personnel getting shot by Al-Qaeda or ISIS get five
“When freemen shall stand” is a day Far away, a day strived for but Missed, distant from us, fleeting. Freedom is not a tangible thing: It cannot be touched, nor held, nor
In school we were taught That America is Freedom And justice is for all.   We learned the First Amendment The founding fathers listed
The American Dream By Ryan G. and Joseph G.      The nation I reside in holds a dream To live a life of wealth and to prosper
Black In America. i felt it for the first time. how Ironic. I was always Black In America.
Your patriotic cries pierce my ears,  loud and resounding. But I am deaf. Everyone gets a piece of the pie; liberty, justice, but I am left with scraps- burnt pie crust and expired fruit filling.
I stood next to the Grand Canyon and I tossed my troubles in-- what had once been large to me was now a grain of sand.   I stood next to our presidents in monumental form and I wondered their opinion
Why do they hate us? They sit upon their skyscrapers With eyes malicious and green with lust. They feast like kings and hiss like serpents,
November 9th, 2016 and my eyes restrain tears I feel the wrath of hundreds of eyes locking onto mine as I walk down the hallways of my high school
United we stood, divided we've fallen.
Built upon bloodshed and mass genocide maybe the color of my skin did dictate innocent lives   We probably did take it all away The culture, the land, the native beauty
The Election. My biggest fear. I never thought my life would come to this, Sent into this spiraling abyss, With family and friends, Neighbors and lovers, Torn apart by the threat of others.  
Hush, hush, my child, Don't wail so loud; This is the way things are supposed to be.   He is the bad guy, She is a gossip, Don't pick fights with the villains of history.  
Who am I? Who are you? What are we? I love you  and you love me but we are both trapped in our imminent dreams. As different as we are our dreams are one in the same.
There is something to be said About the color Orange. He is our president now, and As realization sets in, we begin to Dread. But dread will get us nowhere, and
Seventeen years of life experience and I'm still not qualified for the job, because everyone thinks I'm either too young or too dumb. Pressured by society to look thin and tan, but we can hardly face each other man to man.
This year The most distasteful year With each passing day It felt as if nothing would rise I had marred skin  from my own knife I distrusted my family They didn't know what was right
Left or Right. Up or Down. There is no middle ground. Feminism or Misogyny. Racism or Tolerance. There is no middle ground.
Can you see fire in an empty cave?    For all its dwellers now swarm  My home, gun-ho towards All who have a voice.         At least they did...    I can see a mirror in the past, 
My Responsibility to America is to abide by her laws. My Responsibility to America is to take care of her elders. My Responsibility to America is to choose her leaders.
A guest here – this isn’t my school these aren’t my students and “I would let you work in groups but your teacher said not to.”  
Your first day at a new schoolThe first time I turned around in class to ask you a questionThe first time I gave you a ride to soccer practiceThe first time we went skiing in Colorado together
poured over like a liquid fountain, rain these words are constant but vanishes weak for it goes through the ears; the mind never taints as heard but never listened, conscious faint
She asks me, Quieres café? And I respond you are too sweet. Too sweet to the point that I don’t have to take a sip from this Colombian coffee Because you helped me rise when I fell deep and saw nothing but fake images.
You have died Not in the literal sense But in my heart You have perished You did not take a gun to your head Or swallow a handful of pills To choose to end your life
I am from two worlds I am from one world overflowing with rich culture A world with spices that can inflame one’s taste buds and sense of desire
Pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life, tell yourself that it is how it is But where’s happiness and liberty when there’s no life to begin with? Don’t make no sense   Ever since 2008, Obama has been on the debate
I look up and I see the red and blue flashes.
I dream that the country I live in will love me Like I have loved it. I am grateful But how has my country,which I left everything behind for been grateful back By fitting me into a group, calling me a rapist
America the Beautiful, America the Brave What has gotten into us to make us so depraved? From the Industrial Revolution to the Revolution of Fear, Did anyone tell you several thousands are killed per year?
If you are intimidated by someone else's skin color   STEP DOWN   If you believe that your life is somehow more valuable than those that don’t look like you  
They walk and talk like they really know mebut I'm not just some random bodyI don't need them to dictate what I can and cannot do  
I think it's officially my lifeI hear original narratives and think of all the people going through strifeIt's plaguing their lives and here I am writing about my #FirstWorldProblems
Segregation, to divide based on class, race, or religion Freedom Why have you betrayed me? I am a black child My race is your legacy I am your first born son So why must I ask you
Who are you America?
Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz The picket-fathers of modern psychoanalysis And medicine Gnashing our flaws away in gory applause
Guns, politics, and gays Just the subjects that keep USA minds astray  Wars, deaths, and global warming Is someone up above trying to give us a warning?
Here is a villanelle structured poem in iambic pentameter that offers a word of advice to the BLM movement...
You fight with me You fight for our land You fight with we You fight to stand   Your fight has come Your fight must be won   You fought for me You fought for our land
America I used to feel your heart beat. I don’t feel it anymore. Has it been taken by the demons that now rule you? Where has your heart gone? Was it taken by the corrupt politicians?
Raise the flag up from half mast.But be prepared to lower it, this peace won't last.The flag may be hih for only one day morebefore we bring it down, our hearts so sore.
We all get offeneded This is due to wounds that were never fully mended There is no such place on Earth where something cannot hurt us So why do we continue to fuss My heart longs for those who are hurt
Autism is a mystery Our society does only what it can unconditionally Our society, America is just as autistic as I am America did'nt realize the purpose of Vietnam
Dear America,Freedom sucksYour idea of "Freedom"Has families out on the streetsStuck behind the bars of DebtYour idea of "Freedom"Has children within the confines
“I fought in Vietnam. Watched my men lay down their guns.   Watched the life of my old buddy, Red, drain from his eyes. I heard the cries of a widowed wife,  as I told her, her husband died.  
We the People,who had a dream,and never told a lie.We who fought for what was right and waved our flag up high.Jolted from the embers of a trailblazer's fire and shot from the barrel of a musket.Shackled and chained and segregated we who rose abov
Before my window I now stand. I see the trees and grass and land, That for so many of years have stood, Attesting loudly to the good.   I see before me as I gaze, The people free to go their ways,
Your teeth will always be there, even when you're not smiling. When the tears break and fall down your face, sitting on the front porch swing,
It all started with thirteen little colonies And a group of men who were known commonly   As the Founding Fathers of this great nation. Franklin and Hamilton, Madison and Jefferson,  
It's not something that you can touch. It's not somehting that you can see.   It's something that you can buy. It's soemthing that you can be.   Other people have it. Other people but not me.
Our beginings questionable  The debate heated and rash We are Americans, the undivided Freedom courses through a body of steel Bravado comprises our souls Compassion defines our hearts
America! Amercia! Land of the free Home of the brave and equality Oh how I want to believe.   America! Amercia!  Home of the brave! I'll march for your freedom into my grave, and 
 Oh Say Can You SeeThe faces of manyWho have servedBy The Dawn's Early LightTo the depths of the nightThe ones that continue to work What So Proudly We HailHard-won freedom’s taleAnd those who suffered that griefAt The Twilight’s Last GleamingWith
I AM part of a generation, the result of carelessness I WONDER if the damage can be undone; if we can find our heritage I HEAR tales of a time of change; times long gone
America's Garden Here in America diversity is key, Seen on this soil are seeds from overseas, Sailing on water or flying in air, The common goal of freedom brings those seeds there,
When America has fallen one day, When we are at out lowest I hope and pray a hero emerges To take it on with courage. I hope someone who cares a lot Unties our broken, twisted knot
When a nation is divided It cannot last. Division brews hatred And political parties destruction.   I stand here as a citizen My hands are up My heart is shot
Human Rights These are rights that are endowed to every human, rights that make us all equals. I cannot live without human rights, taking away these rights takes away my humanity.
I am America, and I am the greatest country on Earth I take pride in my journey, destined for power since birth Like a mosaic, I am made of many stones and pieces Together as one, the American spirit never ceases
I'm scared Scared of what's to come Scared of what has happened Scared of what is happening Scared of what could happen
Oranges.It doesn't rhymeWith any wordOr phraseOr contractionIn the entire english dictionary.But I can still write it down,Stick it in a poemOr a songOr a billboard off 75If I wanted to,I could spend ten versesProfessing my love of citrus fruitsOr
Buy the ammo You'll get a discount Courtesy of the NRA You know, the people who sit on leather Wear silk And sip the finest wine Courtesy of the assholes Who lack a moral compass And shoot to kill.
America!   America!   Our flag is flying high   in parades held over graves   of those who have died.
Go ahead, groan. roll your eyes, chuckle, snicker, do whatever you like. It's that girl. Me. You know exactly who I am. The black girl living in a predominantly white area.
There was a month where I smelled like cigarettes.     You were the month that I tasted like misplaced jokes,                                        who's punch-line snaked around my jaw;
  The fluorescents blink almost as fast as you when you're uncomfortable,      And of course we don't know what we did wrong,                                                     but the wax on the floors might.  
I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.   This first line always makes me queasy. It doesn't sound
Democracy? An illusion Freedom? A delusion How are we supposed to feel  with Isis's intrusion? We're stuck in bad habit while they're organizing their cabinet.
Einstein may have once said"Everyone's a genius.But if you judge a fish byIt's ability to climb a tree,It will live its whole lifeBeleiving that it's stupid." There's more truth than you think to that.
Is this really it? Nothing more, nothing less?  I have to ask, Is this really it? The rest of our lives with the flick of a switch? Offices, highways, business card masks,
"White paper visages encrested with blue orbs all around me. The cold look of hatred is what gives me shivers.
Those who are blind left in the dark the dumb without books the handicapped floored the young ignored   hundreds Of millions of heads twice the number of eyes all of empathy Sheds
My american dream is life When all I want is to die A life with peace without strife A chance to try to fly I want to continue living But cannot stop looking back But the future is unforgiving
I Am Hispanic. No, I am not the pale whiteskin of America; nor am I a non-speaking Spanish American. I am a hispanic girl with two cultural backgrounds with a bilingual tongue -- and I might be said
He asked me if I loved him. I said I'm sorry no. In a population so belittled. Love meant so little. While hatred, Overpowered it. The press somehow devoured it.
Tombs, tombs, thousands of tombs - As far as the eye can see. The blood of patriots spilled - To water Freedom's sacred tree.   How brave they were, O God indeed, To fight and die for me.
Pack your suitcase, get on the plane Barely four, barely knew my name   It's time to leave my home behind In search of freedom and peace of mind   Brand new country, "paved with gold"
America’s special strength
America’s special strength
In every country there are hardships to be had. Diseases and disaters! There is no stopping that! America is my home and what a home it is. When nature seems our enemy we always know what to do.
They argue. They bicker. Inside we snicker. To hear them spout what is best for our country when they don't even understand it. They have their money.  They have their fame.
Funny story about opinions, they're not always right. 
Felling A Mighty Oak
Happy Birthday America.  That's what today is about Everyone clapping; everyone cheering Some will even shout   I can't say I share the same emotion Things happened long ago
Isn’t it awesome, that rivers are forever? They are forever, and yet you will never stand in the same river twice, The river is a new being and packs a punch like a spice. Isn’t it awesome, how as humans we have grown?
I'm here to sleep like America is today never to speak Just follow a path one way who needs art when you're molded like clay Rip out the part that we wish would stay  
In the constant praise for our country We forget the misery and suffering That persists within so insidiously.   We have worked tragedy unto others The real calamity is how we let it be
What Crevecoeur said about America being a melting pot is true! My teachers and mentors say that is more like a stew. However let me prove it to you For once I explain then I can tell you my troubles
She stands atop our tallest structures,
Cracked, weathered, pig-skinned tools affectionately craft softest, supple, virgin-hands of suede.   Desert: my mountains, sky scrapers: your zenith. Let innocence climb high,
Sometimes, I get tired of white men on screens I get tired of being told to care about what they believe I get tired, of no one listening   My voice is loud How do they so easily turn the dial down
I tried to roll the melanin off my skin
I want to be free
GoPro cameras and Selfie Sticks, our ancestors would be horrified. But it doesn’t matter because fabricated images, and fraudulent stories are glorified. What’s wrong with putting your best self out there?
I had a dream I walked the earth                   
Bombs everywhere, missiles left and right, clenching my gun in my hand so tight. Side versus side, so scared but I will never show it, America the Brave, proud and heroic.
“When I get older I will be stronger, they’ll call me freedom just like waving flag.”   Langston Hughes had the blues when he said
I am a yougin and you might find what i am saying is obsurd But i need to speak up and say these words My brothers and sisters Look what has become of us Living in a country where people are scared of us
Don't wear an upside down smile No matter what your life is worth while Take it from me, I lost my daddy But I refuse to let that terminate me Yes I miss him Yes it hurts
Put down the gun take off the helmet, unstrap the boots wipe off the blood.   Halt the tanks, discard the missiles, write me back come home soon.   Just end the war
Two months ago, as I stared at my skin in the mirror, I asked myself why. They told me it would be hard, they told me the side effects might be harsh, but they never told me my disease would make me die.
Saturation, warmth, crop, sharpen.Silence, stare, sit down, be quiet.
The rich g
Freedom, what a word. It is so obsorb.  Freedom in a filter, perhaps so. Some however, will not let the filter go. Afraid to let the scars show, Afraid to be less then pro.
All eyes on you Its time to tell the truth We finally got the spotlight camera action We must take action So we must act Not on a stage with the man pulling the strings This is not oz
Mama, please pour some bleach in my bath water I need to wash this dark stuff off my skin I need to look like the ladies on the television, Fair skin, and petite noses That’s what’s pretty
Welcome to America! Land of the brave and free.
"America, the beautiful," you once were said to be.
A boy raised to be nothing but successful in life, educated and uneducated in what is his purpose, given the impression that he will be discriminated and intimidated by the real reality of the world , grew up on the southeast side of Dc not by ba
This is for yall ignorant folk
america  bbq and Budlight corporations
They'll write my name in a history book and write about me they'll say that taxes were high and polls were negative and we were at war with others with each other  
Can I Get A Story I am Black and American Yet I am labeled as white And not because I bite
  I pledge allegiance To the flag I remember the day My best friend said “I think I might be gay”
Land of the free Home of the brave As long as you're white And not transgender and certainly not a queer lady.
America: Land of the Oppressed, Home of the Cowards   I am sick of our society   I am sick of the inequality  
In one brief moment, One fleeting spell, I spoke too quickly To do me well My words, so hollow, Then held weight And thrust upon me A heavier fate   My beloved Houses and Home
Ameica is the land of the free Home of the brave But how can we be brave How can we be free? If walking down a street Means you need to bleed Where are the free? Because since all live in fear
As I looked into his eyes  I was just a child, his child  He was JUST my daddy.  My daddy that was in glossy pictures clothed in Camoflauge. 
To Be A Woman In America means to be scared when you walk down the street means to have to fight twice as hard to get just as much means to have to listen to rape jokes and not start an uprising in the middle of class
A boy shot in the street A cop with a gun Six witnesses and hard evidence Darren Wilson is given paid leave rather than put behind bars Ferguon is called a riot area As they block off any reports
Demons go up to me suddenly talking nonsense,i am like God is this real?He nods and says revelation apocalypse, so i kneel and ask for strength to hold on to the throne because i know when people hear this demons won't leave me alone.Heaven is my
I burned the American Flag.  Literally. I burned the American Flag and I recorded it on video. 
Red, black, and blue
should I say, I have known these armsor should I say, I've long known their facesI don’t need an eternal litanyof hymns before I believe them.......  
If we knew then what we know nowThat there were worms in their teaThat woes and headaches awaited usAt the end of the road beyond the seasWe would have pleated our dreams at home.  
Troubled in school with  a rough past He signed a couple papers to start fresh Now being tested mentally and physically yet always comes  last Pushed to the limits with aching limbs yet he pushes on
The land of the free and the home of the brave.  We come here to start new lives because our old ones are close to the grave. In Pakistan, we lived with servants and riches.
A body in the street  but no one knows how the small child sees his brother dead facedown now he will be remembered as a corpse and the child a statue Is this what we wanted
Say what you will about my country But I am proud of her in every way Instead of uniform We, the people, are strong in numbers of uniqueness Unique and strong Like a puzzle that fits
Hey! This is a poem that I wrote describing the unfair economic system in America and how I feel being a woman of color in the USA and the daughter of refugees.
Bang, bang You hear their shots being fired  It's only a matter of time now Before the whole place is covered Your friend lies there in pain Will you soon be doing the same?
Bill Buxley was the richest man you’d see. He had stacks and stacks of money. He bought furs, cars, houses, and clubs, Tigers, casinos, shoes, and Persian rugs. But he was a vain man, never willing to share,
Dear America, I saw a little girl today with tears all on her sleeve Her eyes were empty hands were old Why did you crush her dreams? She dreamt a day when kids could play and water would be clean
The journey awaits Get ready to embark We don’t want to be late It’s almost time to start   The ship is ready Strong and tall It is steady And sure won’t fall  
I'm not just scared for me, I'm scared for my brother and my nephews. I'm scared that this world we live in will never give them the chance to reach their potential because they are black men in America.
The way in which we live
America land of the free
Elephant and Donkey each gearing up The day starts new the sun shines the elephant smiles  The Donkey watches the people smile  The Donkey rejoices with tears of zealous vigor A new day begins, the sun fades 
I want to be successful, make a change in this world. I want to be successful not just for the diamonds and pearls. I want to be successful for my family.
I don’t know whether to shout being ugly is okay, or that I’m beautiful anyway, because society has taught me I’m wrong in everything I do.
How do I mourn the death of
 four Americans, one child when death is everywhere - else.
 I can crumble into shards of myself crying over the death of my Uncle Jimmy, it’s personal to me.

Writing poetry is a way to stay alive After bein murdered day in and day out Working, loving, and fighting are all just ways we die each day Poetry is like a tourniqite to stop bleeding
You don’t know the rea
My dream My dream is to finish college To be able to afford everything I need. My job My dream job is to be an Occupional Thraspist, OT for short Finishing my associates, Going on to get my masters,
I guess I could have went to that abortion clinic I could have went through with it I could have killed a living life Instead, I am suffering sleepless nights  
America is the greatest, our striped banners large and soaring, towering over a
High school will soon turn into memories. The ones you use to call friends will soon be strangers. As you leave to college all you can do is look back. Wishing you can take it all back.
Anarchy is mistaken for freedom. Decisions no longer involve wisdom. Two sides are pitted against each other. No one will agree with one another. Understanding is known as old-fashioned.
Day after day You talk about revolution How the world should change And why everybody else is wrong And then you go throw pennies in the well Watching the water ripple
America look at you.
he said i cant believe it would you ever no she wouldnt america the free is gone we've ruined it degenerate
Geocentric? More like ethnocentric. America is the center of the world, right? The world that revolves around me. My world. Egocentric.
I’ve heard America’s laughter and see smiles on their face I’ve heard America’s words to others, a disgrace I’ve felt Americas sorrow and anger from their mothers I’ve seen America’s racism and how one can act toward others I’ve witnessed America
Is it possible to diverge from an ethnocentric view? Why do people have to try and make others “civilized,” They don’t get to understand the people’s culture, Instead try and change them into the “better” ways.
A haze of smoke hung thick through all the air; The cries of dying men echoed 'round.  The light from booming cannons showed an eerie glare, Twisted figures lay strewn upon the ground.   
A short Poem by Stephen Strausbaugh   Lie, Steal, Blame, Kill You look down at us atop of your hill Writing bills, but seeking thrills Only you have a license to kill Only you have a license to kill
Old women sitting at the last booth on the left conversing about
America is my home In no small way am I alone but we don't want to be acting like fools, so American society has to set a rule:   I watched a video of a man
Immigrants shipped into the American Dream plundered of their culture left as empty shells crushed by greedy hands tossed into melting pots molded back into shells carrying America within.
It's all about the money, It's all about the popularity. I don't think I fit in with it. Don't want to be a part of it.   I tried I couldn't handle it, I took my pride and I ran with it.
The atoms of imperfections fog the mirror these two eyes stare into They search for meaning in the midst of it all  Life is still a blur  I carry the shackles that forbid me  That restrict me 
The land in which we live, The land for which we fight, The land in which they love, The land in which we die.   The wars they seem to start
When I was a child my mother and all my teachers told me that I was "gifted".  They said that I was brilliant, had such potential,  smarter than all the rest, and that because of this, 
Breaking down the sullen streets the things at night that no one sees the bravely fought, the coward won the poor old man who gave his son this nation's heart, its duty calls
America the Free~ But freedom has a price Tears fall from the innocent As they watch the souls of their loved ones Tumble to the heavens Questions unanswered Nothing yet gained
Another day another conflict. It's an ongoing fight. Another law passed to strip us of our God given rights. They take away our land. They keep their hands in OUR pockets.
Merging onto streets. We flood as an aid to those in need. We see the pain, cries, and pleas. Freedom is so everlasting.
My Mind; My only mind; The one I hold dear; So dear; Without such; My opinions would be non-existent; My thoughts would be nothing; Nothing for I; Nothing for anyone;
A lady at the store once called me A Great American Beacuse I gave her an extra discount Patriotism
  The American Hustle Opportunity, Lust, Possibility. A sharp sting of poison seeping through your veins,
As I sit and think, As my mind wanders it leaves. As it goes, it goes to places unbeknownst to even me  
You see that banner flying tall and proud? That's just a mask for the country falling to the ground.
Please take me to the motherland I heard love can manifest Yin and Yan they coexist Please take me to the motherland Where alchemist don't trade souls For the chemical make up of gold
I bleed red, white, and blue With stars across my heart, With the stripes burned into my mind; Giving everything - All my experiences; A little taste of home with each step I take;
Infatuated with ourselves We bath in crops of greed Sown through our hubris,  Ignoring the whelps of need.   A scourged culture, made To feast on each other obsessively
Forward America
They swallowed tears before I came to Angel Island,   their America stained by the leaking blood of those who stilled   their writhing flesh with a hanging noose
America is said to be the land of dreams,  where others go to be happy and all voices are heard, where God can be Allah and one is free as a bird America is education and the shoes on your feet.
If I drop one tear it’s for my brother Living alone with no mother Thought that life couldn’t get any worse When guns putted my brother in a hearse
America the Brave, but there's children outside who need to be saved. Using talent's for change, but yet no change. America the Brave, this superior country.
With the power to change, I would change power. The people have to struggle while our leaders just cower.  Few enjoy all the blessings of wealth,
What Would You Change You have just been given the power to change anything in the world What would you change?
The United States of AmericaThe New WorldAn escape for a new lifeA new beginning
Freedom of speech Or freedom to be rude Freedom of religion More like freedom for discrimination   Let’s get real here People are racist Especially my generation.  
I want to live in a world without hate Everyone who is muslim is not irate If God is love then why are there religious wars? The amount of fighting since ancient time soars
Every Sunday morning 
I hear America singing "freedom" for everyone. I hear their hypocritical songs, singing long through the night. I hear the rich belting their greed-filled, boasting songs
Little Toes And Bright Blue Eyes You Are The Sunshine In My Sky When You Smile It Warms My Heart Because I Know We'll Never Be Apart   Beautful Baby From The Outside In
We live in a world where the American dream is a thing that is yearned, Where liberty is free and opportunity awaits around every turn. We live in a world where we are given every right to speak what is our hearts,
(For all of the veterans we have forgotten on the home front.)  
And this is why you are wrong At what cost will this affect them? Compared to what? What hard evidence do you have? I don't mean to put you on the spot? Senator? Senator?
Thank you I Love you I've grown up because of you Do you remember me? I remember you   We've met.... No not face to face Not even word to word But I know you, I lived with you
Rebuild America  
Freedom isn’t free, a government system,
I, too, paint America.   Red, Yellow, Green, White, Saffron.  Colors on the vast canvas they call “America.” I paint with the color of my skin, with the distinct hue of my culture,
Race. What is it? Who needs it? Does it really make a difference? Or does it only impose limits? On the soul.
Skyscraper tall as mountains Long highways as river Cities crowded of people Nation of the food The best athletes AMERICA Black, White Latino and Asian people A-M-E-R-I-C-A 7 letters
O beautiful
People do Wicked things all the time, Some are just small time delinquents, Manipulating people to make a dime, But the real Hitch has been relinquished.
How wonderful it would be if all America could sing. Our entire continent would be one sweet song. A song that could unify everyone. This song would end sadness and make peace. With every note, it could turn frowns into careful smiles.
America you are pushing me in all of the wrong directions. You have pulled saltwater rivers down my soft, child cheeks.
Have you ever had apple pie? If not I suggest you give it a try.
Everyday fighting, starving, and killing, Everyday going through the motions, Where is our American dream? Where is the promise of a better future? Those who want school can't afford it,
What's hard about being an american, Is when I see a fellow brother begging from a can,  When people pass by just because they can, when they cant even spare a cent, when that could help with someone's rent.
It is dark and dreary. The sun never comes out. I feel so wet and sticky. Why won't this mud come out? I know not what it is like, to even know how to ride a bike. I'm stuck in this house,
BLUE---As far as the eye could see.The colour had swallowed us for so many monthsWe forgot about the others: brown, green, red, and gold.GOLD---A speck on the horizon smaller than a grain of sand.
BLUE---As far as the eye could see.The colour had swallowed us for so many monthsWe forgot about the others: brown, green, red, and gold.GOLD---A speck on the horizon smaller than a grain of sand.
It's red, staining the ground someplce I've never been and never will go. For me. It's a sacrifice, a total giving of life So I can keep mine. I can breathe
Dear eagle , 
Numerous years past, through our eyes, is the founding of our country, yet in perspective, just a few decades.
Zenith of mountApex of allNo peak to highNo aim too tallHe reaches, he strains;He wears himself thin. 
  Fear has no definite definition, or provisions but is without a doubt the basis of this country’s decisions.
She wakes up in the morning She pours a cup of coffee             She thinks:             What is it to be Free?             What is it to be an American?
Shocking Failure, Blinding success The only difference, A thin white line We always make, A great big mess
  1852. Where am I? What is this strange land that we happened upon? I clutched my mother’s hand tightly, Nearly doubling over, At the stench of a strong sense of nationalism, And pride,
Do you think they’ll notice? Do you think they’ll notice how I so carefully excuse myself before it’s time to eat? Or that when I do, before I’m done, I’m out of my seat, on my feet, into the bathroom
What happened to the days of old?
A gentle breeze brings a sense of hope As a young schoolgirl stops and breathes In the scent of trees, water, and wind Which permeate the field on which she marches That field on the grounds of Gettysburg
Bound in contempt, Spokes of spine pierce raw skin, Like spears of war slaughter innocence.
  Men. Women. Adorned with camo, and stripped of capes.                                                                                                                         Mortal power stretched to its limit.
I am the one the leaders should answer to, I am the one that began a nation, I am the one who fights, the one who dies, I am the one you depend on. I am the people!  
  When you wake up to go downstairs be glad you have a bed,
The flag stands where you were. On the home front. Defending what you love. The flag stands where you were.
Smoking at a laundry mat
EducationTo be be educatedIs to be free From a mental prisonWhere the unknownIs lost among the ignorant
Race in America 
When he asked si celebro Christmas, I responded with a yes and a question.   "We don't do much no gifts no commercialism not much at all because there is
  To whom do we owe the pleasure of your enchanting spewing graceful nature?   Around which many gather themselves, a crowd to applaud your short comings, and possibly a cheer or two.  
shreds of winter hair shroud stippled skin,weathered by one, two, many weekscrouched and soliciting in the steady glowof our capital’s sun. Once full lips shrivel,struggle to form the one simple word
They tell my people to go back to their country as if our nation's origin didn't come from immigrants.
Why me? I do nothing to them. Why me? Is it such a crime to be different?
A practically endless stream of copies lines the shelves at just about every store we can think of.It’s printed so very often.By so many different publishers.
Today I place my star-rimmed cap over my sunburned face And gleam over the crowd with excitement and joy. We are like the base of a great and mighty river after the storm,
The birth of our nation, with colors red, blue and white We will never forget, people willing to fight Tyranny heald the people in chains But heroes were born, fighting in snow or rain
Dear Mr. American History:   Your tie: red white and blue, representing the noose of oppression you pledge yourself to.
Blood is red My outlook is blue Your veteran dread Makes my rift with you.   To any professor that has made my time on the GI Bil living hell.
Education is sort of like a loose screw, attached to a failing machine that tomorrow might turn on and we’ll all find out doesn’t work anymore. Here, let me clarify.
All I see is violence All I hear are lies All I want is happinness All I get is hatred Untames and Untainted They hate me And at times I hate them All I want is a chance
Ambulance sirens.Someone else dying.Girls getting knocked up.The fathers leave or get locked up.Few fake cops.Walking out dealing with Opps.
Why are so you fat? When you can be just as thin, Some say what matters is within, You say I can't help that.   Have you ever tried? Whats within will surely become broke,
Approaching five revolutions around the star O'er the great pond- I flew To a promised land of health and wealth A land of independence A land of your founding fathers But not mine
Tactics tactics we need to move.
What a wonderful time; For a wonderful change; To celebrate America's; Another coming of age.   Oh beautiful our country is; Another year to renew; United we stand;
My dialect is catastrophic. Viciously it consumes the minds of those who surround me.  To catch only a whisper would reveal the sadistic sense of my nature.  At least to some. Those who merge opinions with facts. Bellowing assessments of "this gen
The Red, White, and Blue. With freedom upon her mind, Fails to see the whole   Equal rights to all? A faulty constitution? Who has she become?   To turn she to we,
Soldier Who Soldier who trains all day and night And counts the days until departure who is conditioned and unyielding who is a dog tag and bayonet whose hair is always shaved
By: Saranda R Our flag waves in the ocean of pride that envelopes this country With its economic strides and setbacks that we criticize Adding to the problem, not developing a solution
Times are changing, That’s no question. The world we live in is constantly spiraling,  And we have been told it’s up to us to shape it into something we would want to live in.
Some things were left a mystery,Wounds were placed in hearts,As they waved to the departs,From 13 colonies to 50 states,They strived not knowing their fates,Families and friends waited in toil,As blood and tears fertilized the soil,Oceans to ocean
They say we are free, If we are free, then why, Why do we have men and women killed, Is it really to stay free?
   AMERICA Home of the free, land of the brave My country, my nation none other do I crave The land where dreams are realized with hard work Where imagination is appreciated and not corked
  We are always learning, improving, developing Evolving into something greater than we were Becoming something better than the world has ever seen Education is the means by which this takes place   
For years, I have been cheated.  Exceeding your expectations with hesitation.  I don't want to be read to,  I came here to acquire your knowledge because you have a certification.   
What was it you were thinking?That fateful day you leapt,out of those burning towers,as we all looked on... and wept.
Calm migraine, the sweet pounding; joyfully insane, tranquil death.   Questions thicken the air, a warzone. Up above, down below a warzone. The field of grass so fair--,
sometime i don't understand u. And that makes me hate u more think of the pain u gave my ancestors how could i ever throw that away on the land we built today we still in slaved
It's the beauty all around, that calls sweetly to deaf ears. Persisting that it's presence be found, but not many hear. A voice melodic, story hypnotic, with love and sadness intermingled. Eternal love and freedom began with strife.
I can see right through the fog, The mist that seems to be blinding everyone’s eyes. Don’t fade into the shadows, The shadows of these hallways, Making people fake, hiding like you.
Life is a list, of things good and bad Things that make us happy, things that make us sad   We have a nice home, to give us shelter from a storm
"Home of the Free and Land of the Brave.." But what does that really say? Knowing our children can walk around without fear, Always knowing safety is near. Every day is full of laughter, never worrying about the day after.
I woke up from the dead,and damn even in colorAmerica sure looked ugly.
I peer into your eyes,they quaver and fillbig, somber: greenthey overflow and spill. The tears thunder down your cheekslike the towers in the daythey crash and they screamfaster than anyone can pray. Your flushed cheeks utter gaspsof horror and pa
When will it be my turn? My turn to learn, to see what it feels like to earn; To make good grades.. Teachers thes days don't give me much to look up too. 
At five years old, I hardly understood The tragedy that had just occurred. I vaguely remember my kindergarten teacher Frantically racing from one room to another Desperately trying to gather information
The altar stands merely a few yards away from me.I sit in the middle and look at my son Reeve.To my right are my father,mother and husband.To my left are my son, sister and niece.
You call yourself a teacher, I call myself a student. You teach, I learn. Those are our roles, but what happens when you can't do yours? You don't teach, I don't learn.
She is at an awful age of youth and exhaustion of revelry and caution. They say "Your whole life is ahead." But weigh her future on the decisions of today How can she discover herself when
"Terrorist!?" Is what they call the man who simply wishes to experience the freedoms aloted to me and you. "Terrorist?" Stigmatizing an entire culture for and event that is not his fault.
It's wrong of me To want to be equal. It's wrong of me To not feel like a woman. Or a man. It's wrong of me To not be sexually attracted to anyone. It's wrong of me
Welcome to America! Where the image of women being depicted in submission Is easily found in magazines and search engines. The mask put on comes off before the morning,
Destroyed from the inside out,A tragedy sinners do not mourn.No pity for a star.   Here bright and burning,Here dark and cold,Alive as a star,Dead as a star.  
My eyes glaze over, His words drown out. I know he is speaking, But no words come out.   Pondering between yawns, Correcting his lessons in my head. His words never make sense,
Whoever decided to come up with the word "hypocrite" is most undoubtedly a genius. The perfect word for the unperfect human condition; Contradiction. Oxymoron.
Retirement of the Flag   The flag represents the American Soldier It flies in the wind as the soldier fights in battles
We sit on our cotton made, silk lined couches. We entertain ourselves by watching Hi-Def  TV on 62'' flat screen televisions, while eating a hot homemade meal, 
I live in a world, full of opression, my mama is barely able to cook in our small kitchen, I look to my left and I see the old me, I glance to my right and all I see is ugly,
A toll we hear, Beckoning us towards liberty   A hope, Only dreamt of. Has it been realized?
  People living, people dying People working, people twerking People love the way you lie Hot dog, baseball, apple pie Cell phone, iPhone, 3-4G
He was mine And they took him away. They’ve already forgotten about me, About him. A flash of army green A spark of fire The sizzle of sand He was gone, They took him to a place of war
america land of the free home of the brave home of the lies and land of the sick every day a celebrity is being interviewed about their "hard life" while a soldier is away from loved ones
Taco Bell and diet Cokes Don’t be fooled, It’s all a big joke. “It’s low-fat and sugar-free” Really? You think packaged food is that easy? Pesticides and chemicals
  Too old to be cared for, too young to be respected John was very obedient, yet still quite neglected   A sad story it is, but not very rare As many others in his class, had similar tales to share  
roses are red violets are blue I should vote and you should too!
One GUN One BULLET One SHOT Two HEADS One DECISION Already MADE Hide all LEADS This niggers DEAD 3 minutes UP two on the CLOCK add some GASHES bruises and KNOTS
a door opens, but not by me.  responsibility  to respond and receive  a fix, yet the problems  still exist. mixed  company to coupling  to troubling the waters 
The land of oppurtunity The land known for dreams Paved with gold in its streets And love in its population Acceptance and fairness in its government A melting pot of cultures
It gets darker as everyday comes to an end, The flesh is so weak, some cannot help but sin. Day in and day out, we try to get it right, but with all the recent tragedies, is it really worth the fight?
I too am America Even though my ancestors are from Africa Even though I have a southern drawl Even though I don’t shop often at the mall I take my fate in my own hands
Hail to the almighty Jingling coins shiny Even on my death bed They nickle and dime me For the rights they deny me And the freedom they say were fighting There's a number for everything  
I woke up one morning to a very dark day I couldn't go home my parents they went away the streets aren't so friendly theres terror in my eyes No place to call home I'm all alone in the night
                                                      Nothing is free in the land of the free.  
  What is beauty? Well if I were to give the simplest definition I’d say you. What is beauty?
America. Home of the brave, Land of the free. But it seems we hide behind the walls of our homes every day. Yet our homes were built from the ground that’s supposed to let us be, Free.
(First time recording from probably a year ago... Flow is to be tampered with still and an ending is still debated.)
Dear Soldier Man Thank you for doing all you can Dear Soldier man  The way you've dedicated your life, you've gained a fan   Dear Soldier Woman I appreciate your bravery! So I salute you
America,the grand old U.S fo A,the soil withholdsthe sweat whichbuilt our strengthand pride. Red,white,and bluecontinuallysways a cheery helloto all who visit.
Everyday we live our lives in dichotomy Will my decisions be wrong or right Straight or gay, fat or skinny, black or white If only things could be this obvious Trayvon was killed, and he walked
So much dependsupon his broad and freckledshoulders still and at silentattention next to red, white, andblue.
This world that we live within ignites with a passion that we cannot rescind where expression is done on a whim pouring out from every limb a single brush stroke, a single idea
The girl sat on an empty street Her face was as sullen as her surroundings She softly lifted her face in hopes of a single ray of sun
dark as the dust of trails you soar in heavens blue your majestic spirit never fails to your colors remain true  
We wait for what never comes We listen for what is never said We see politicians hold up their thumbs But so many soldiers are dead We hear the cries of the families They mourn the lost with memories
They've enjoyed our waiting They've indulged in lies They've prolonged discussions They've listened to our cries   I've lurked in the shadows too long
Fireworks light up the summer skyIn every American town tonight,Blooming like rare flowers inSudden bursts of enthusiasm.They wilt as soon as the have come,Reminding us of our brief hour upon the stage.
Land of the freeLand of the apatheticLand of the dreamersLand of the broken Home of the braveHome of the hopefulHome of the better tomorrowHome of the bitter
Life is hard enough as it is. Something has to give. Struggling every day, but I thought that a life of luxury was the American way.
  She’s like a small orphan, searching, Waiting, praying for a better future As she balances on a creaking swing.   Watching the incoming family, clinging
My poor little orphaned country.... Nobody watches over you, nobody cares. There's only a leader that sits back and stares.   You are left out in the cold, all alone to be attacked.
The Questionnaire The instant trapping of those who wonder is in popular demand. Popular culture has ceased to be created by the populous.
As Summer descends to its end, It creeps in Fall Under the notion that overlooking summer's 94 limitted days will cause the season to last forever.
Most of us say we need it, but do we truly believe it? We are in constant competition to win the prize: job positions, checks written; Don't look surprised.
It's all about phases we humans go passed The way we want to find ourselves To define who we are As being the first to go The oldest in my family I set the path my two sisters are destined to follow
America! Those beautiful blue skies of freedom! Why oh why do you not cry Can't you see? No? Then just listen to me as I tell the tale It has been told time and time again with Greece and Rome and Spain
i hear the world screaming, the sickening wails i hear; those of the hopeless—each of them a separate and eerie tune the homeless shouting his, humble and strong as he walks through cold and empty streets
Humans are amazing, We can do so much in a matter of minutes, And yet our minds are still racing. Sad to say, we do it for the business. Everyone is a witness. We complain about the money,
We’re up before the dawn yawns And dressed before the sky sighs, Chirping phones like birds in early morn. Take ten minutes to fly by, Grab food before the car starts- Save time by eating on the way to work.
Guns Knives Bombs Blood If you want this? You want to be Uncle Sams' son Heat Stench Burning flesh Hells just the begging of a war never won What they don't tell you When you become
This right here, is America A land carefully constructed atop an intricate foundation of lies With a Society that'll quietly step over bodies of those who were victims of pardoned crimes
Upside Down Oh someone turn them right side up I think they’re pining after a dream with no luck ‘Cause maturity will find them Freed but still chained. Dry it still rains
Women. The evolution has changed drastically. First there were role models, then there were icons But now a red sole defines one as her majesty. From the likes of Sojourner to Rosa
I want to taste jazz on my lips as it swims through brass tubes and valves- I want its echo to call my name on a still night in July from a bar down the road.
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I am from beloved dolls, from bubble wands and crabapple trees. I am from bright colors and playful spirits,Bookshelves and stacked boxes. I am from dandelions and low-branched trees.
My only crime is my religion, So my sentence is severe; They’ll declare the death penalty To my presence on this hemisphere. They say I’ll have an impartial jury, In this Land of the Free,
One day I was sitting in history class thinking of things that have yet to be asked- like where are the weapons of mass destruction and why’s the constitution under construction?
What. Is America? Is it the juxtaposition of pink toned flesh against deep caramel skin? Is it the way his tresses twist and turn whilst her strands lay straight and silky?
Babies are crying, While adults are going to work, Children playing up and down the streets, Everybody laughing until reality sets in, Wondering how bills will be paid
The homeless starve on the streets, And the people never stopping, never sharing a glance, never sharing a thought.
Blindly, we follow and nod our heads to the beat. Lyrics are nonsense when music is an industry. Nobody wants to think. Nobody wants to learn. We defer to the media to dictate our concerns.
Once a little girl Full of life Nothing brought me down I was always happy Not a care in the world About the tragedies of life I didn't even know they existed At least they didn't in mine
America. Land of the free. A land where you can get married based on the gender you were born with, but not based on who you fall in love with. America. Land of the free.
I tried living in America, the home of the free, but the people there were greedy And the government didn't work for me.
Looking from across the way, I see that mark across your face The mark of past experiences The wrath of lost experiments I see that scar and the beauty behind it I see the emotion the passion beside them
Though we are different and unique Two separate cultures and worlds apart, I fear society’s standards will force you to depart Sometimes the future with you looks bleak. You are from the Arabic world and nation
I do not understand. No hello to people on the street. Keep walking, keep walking Don’t make eye contact Shit, are they talking to me? Keep walking, keep walking. We are cold individuals.
16 is a young age, not an adult yet but still seen as a child. That is until, you become with child. He came out with hazel blue eyes all they said was he looks like his daddy well what about me,
16 is a young age, not an adult yet but still seen as a child. That is until, you become with child. He came out with hazel blue eyes all they said was he looks like his daddy well what about me,
The Beatles once said, you need to change your mind instead Rather than revolution, changing the institution, rewriting the constitution. But I’ve made up my mind, And I don’t have any more time
The following is a tale of a girl named Penny. I being who I was made me somewhat unpopular, So my usual attendance at events was solitary.
America, the land of opportunities You are the land of chance. You’ve not always given your opportunities to the right people, but You’ve given your share of chances at success, and far too many chances at failure.
Change Change of society, people, pressures, power Change of lifestyle that forces us to be different Think different, Behave “politically correct”, When our people are crying silently, begging for us to change.
As we lay on the soft, dew-wet grass, staring into the night sky as Colors boom and bang around us, as we sit perfectly still, So perfect, so quiet, yet peaceful. Two young souls lost in the ashes of the fireworks.
Always known as land of the free and home of the brave Many people come to stay Everlasting song and dance Restful sleep and a bit of romance It's the best place to be Come here and you won't wanna leave
We live in the land of the privileged. But our humanity has been lost. We have so much power, but that power comes with a cost.
We are one group in thought and mind A body of people made equal. Our strength is a tenacious kind If we see another sequel.
I dreamt of a Kingdom in the Sky Teeming cities and purple mountains Stretching far and rolling wide I dreamt of a great foundation Cradled in the arms of the fallen A black and blue, a bloodied nation
Prisoner of war, with brothers not found, to your servitude we are forever bound. Your strength we admire, for it is not abound in the men and women at home safe and sound.
It hurts to think about you Day or night, rain or shine I don't know what to say I love you; I hate you Your mistake, your love, but why?
What if the harmony of saints and sinners / Broke in moments o’er passing of bread? / Temporal and shallow, this generation envisage / Martyrdom, not white but red /
-With “New Colossus” (1883) – Emma Lazarus- “Give me your tired, Your poor, Your huddled masses, Yearning to breathe free…”
The stars of 50 states reflected in the sky The eyes of American people filled with tears to cry Oh Nation of the Free! Oh Home of the Brave! Your shining gleam of hope has now begun to fade
Born to a different breed & raised in the Heart of the U.S.A. My family worked hard to make me who I am And I'll appreciate what they sacrifice every day
My America is soiled My America is controlled My America is greedy My America is hateful My America is full My America is empty My America is hopeful My America is useless
Our World is quiet, and operates in shadows. The secret committees commence with their meetings. The silent leaders annually rendezvous. We are strong and stealthy, though we are only teething.
Deep within a hot blistering day the trees swaying whilst the wind is array. The sun illuminates the slaves scared slays and America fails to open her young eyes.
Let me break into your thoughts, I’m a mindbomb, ticking time bomb. Seven years I wore the the veil shielded myself and kept pale news shunned like yesterday’s mail happier than my previous trail
Protected saplings; Symbols of what Anne Frank viewed for years. Her entries foretold what America would cherish, And gift to seven of the nine discriminated students Of Little Rock Nine.
Yank out the boundary and grip the independence. Point out we can do whatever we want. We the people, are trapped, but we attempt to grasp for the limitless We try hard, sweat dripping down a scar, falling out of our palms.
Who are we? We, who razed down walls that kept us hidden, Spoke firm words that altered the face of the nation, We who stood up for equality in an unfair society. We are women.
Uh. Uh. Agency. History. Word. Here we go: United States, United States Tryin' to show the world its pretty face But 'merica's history ain't always a pretty view Open Zinn and Russell and let's review
Rights, not so civil, more like fights, and long nights, unending battles for the freedom, goals: we all yearn to meet them, we all strive to gain what's ours: equality. child of democracy,
America Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, The Land of the Depraved and Enslaved Where voting is a universal right fought for by centuries of plight
Sun shines through, the red white and blue. Freedom and equality. Selfless sacrifice, there was a price. Such a gift to be free.
Black, White, Asian Indian, Native, Mexican all given titles by who, not our creator but by his creations In a Nation obsessed with political correctness His creations; Are Not Very
Oh senses For sensation brings desensitization And one man's trash, today, is the same man's treasure of yesterday. Unless, one learns moderation Learns to say "this is enough for now."
In this great Melting Pot is there really room for more ingredients? Careers New Life Education They want it all Seeking far and low To become new creations Carrying stress and pressure on behind
A battle scene, A terrible war. Does this seem familiar? Has it happened before? In the midst of the battle, Both sides losing ground; At the same time, on each side, A man is hit down.
Last night, in my slumber, I had a dream It was an American one, one of exceptional encouragement And oh the intricacy of this grand scheme So grand, the world knew it was nowhere near forspent
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