Silence of the lambs (Unfinished)

What you know about the silence of the lambs

I'm not talking about that cross dresser shit.

I mean the way people today choose to live,

cowardly, afraid to speak up. Think differently,

not acting right. A  bit sad these are sheep to life.

Hand them a book, claim to know a god.

All it really takes is a bad strike

have them on their knees, grieving.

"forgive me father for I know not what I do."

but they do, convincing themselves that

a higher power is out there justifying their odds. 

Yeah, those lazy motherfuckers who choose to

send you thoughts and prayers, call that an action

but take a look around you, it's only acting 

from a script, rehearsals of the old testament.

Aight maybe that didn't click how about

Those " go back to your country,

you fucking terrorist!" Hypocrites.

Wearing that belief on their sleeve

still stained, with Jesus on that chest

Gun in their hands, run around and

freely shoot, screamin', "now you rest!"






This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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