We the People

We the people,

We the great,

We the wonderful,

We the states,


Remember when you were young?

You pledged your allegiance before you knew what that meant,

Remember that great 'ole anthem you sung?

Never told about how many lives we spent,

All because of stamps and tea,

How much better could we be?


The winners write history,

So an epic we're told,

Leaving out the misery,

We caused in this world,


Forget we were like the Nazis,

To those poor Japanese,

Forget we put a reality star doofus,

In the oval office,

Forget we hide toxic chemicals in the food eat,

The same ones we put in gasoline,

Forget we're only number one,

In the amount we spend on guns,

Forget that other countries with better standards than we,

Tell them all that America is the country that all others should be,


Of course we could be change,

We could make education cheaper,

We could raise minimum wage,

Our history classes could go deeper,

But why should we when we can just indoctrinate our children?

If they don't know any different, the losers will always win,


We the people,

We the oblivious,

We the ignorant,

We the delirious,


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My country
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