America, the Great?

The heterosexual white men of our country are blinded with their star-spangled eyes,

As the rest of us become motivated and brave.

Yes, this may be the “land of the free”,

But we are not equal.


A young girl was raped by a guy at her college.

She was drunk and wearing a dress.

Yes, a drunk girl cannot say no,

But she also cannot say yes.

Her dress may have gone above her knees,

But that is not the point.

A girl was raped.

It should not matter what she wears or if she drinks,

No person has the right to touch her without consent.


In a school, a younger boy gets shoved down by a classmate.

The other student gets suspended for ten days without question.

One student was colored.

One student was not.

They did not acknowledge the threats and racist remarks coming from one student,

Just the reaction of the student trying to defend his race in the only way he knew how.

The race of the students shouldn’t matter.

They were both in the wrong for their actions.

Violence and criticism are both bad ways to go.


Speaking of criticism…

A woman from Mexico buys a visa and moves into America.

She came to the country seeking work,

With hopes of giving her future children the “American Dream”,

Yet, all she gets is spat at in the breakroom

And yelled at online for stealing jobs.

Too many forget the difference between a “legal” and “illegal” immigrant.

She attends a community center to help her improve her English

While she gets told to go back to her country at the supermarket.

She worked so hard to get here,

Yet everyone she meets just seems to want her to leave.


A transgender male has to use the bathroom.

He was once a woman, but never felt like himself,

But now he can finally be happy.

Except that he still has to use the women’s room to pee.

He is a buff male with a beard and a tattoo.

The women in the bathroom panic as he walks in,

Security is called, but the man only shrugs:

“In North Carolina, I have to go to the bathroom

With the gender on my birth certificate”.


I came out as bisexual and all of my friends became squeamish.

“Just because I like both doesn’t mean I like you”, I defended myself.

I got dirty looks from some, but smiles from others.

“That’s so gay!”

“You’re bi? That’s hot.”

“You don’t act like you are?”

“No homo!”

While we are finally free to marry,

We still are discriminated against.


All of us.

The women.

The colored.

The immigrants.

The ones who just want to love.

The ones who just want to use the bathroom.

We are all just human.


America is surely a free country,

But we are not equal.

We do not have respect for one another.

We need to learn

Before we ruin ourselves.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country





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