Remember Them


A haze of smoke hung thick through all the air;

The cries of dying men echoed 'round. 

The light from booming cannons showed an eerie glare,

Twisted figures lay strewn upon the ground. 


The earth was sated with the blood of men,

Dyed crimson red by the thousands killed;

Each man lay gasping as his life was spent

And the beating of his heart slowly stilled. 


Then others took the fallen's places,

Marching with the drums to meet the foe ahead.

Fear and pride showed plain in all their faces;

Fighting 'till the end, they joined the ranks of noble dead. 


Their mothers ran to get the mail,

Hoping for a letter from their darling boy;

But that hope was gone in a desparing wail

When they read the note that told of life destroyed.


Sweethearts, too, wept for men that left and were forever gone.

Ne'er again to laugh at all his playful ways,

Never more would she stand inside his arms, comforting and strong;

All she had were memories of happier days. 


Now we have forgotten all the sacrifices made:

The blood of men, a mother's tears, the flame of love grown small.

We're so caught up in the cares of today

We have forgotten the ones to whom we owe it all. 


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