What is love without the hate?

Isn't that the grand debate?

But if the bad were to deteriorate,

there would be nothing for us to appreciate.

When did the world get to this state?

Or was it always fucked up and I am just late?

I need a second to breathe but life will not wait,

what will we come to? What is our fate?

Some spew hypocrisy, yet expect Heaven's gates,

but might end up in flames on their dreaded date.

They say evil is deep within us, something innate.

Although to me, that does not quite translate,

because I have been held under this crushing weight,

to be something you could be proud of, someone great.

And as the world is straying futher apart at this rate,

all I can do is pray people come together to create

a world that embodies acceptance as a trait.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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