America: Are you so great?

America, you began on a solid foundation. 

You were great. You were beautiful.

You flourished. You grew.

People came from all over to marvel at you. 

Do you know why you were so great?

It was because your people were good. 

They loved God and they loved you. 

But the man who said that was right about another thing:

Once your people stopped being good, you stopped being great. 


I weep over you, once-beautiful America.

I wish I could have seen you as you were.

I've often wondered what those "good old days" were like.

You've fallen into a sad state of despair.

Your values and morals have disappeared.

Your ideals have changed drastically.

How much further will you choose to fall?

When will you realize your true state?

Please, dearest homeland of America, see yourself as you truly are.


America, I believe that you can be beautiful again. 

I have faith that your beauty can be restored, along with your majesty.

I cannot lie, it will not be easy.

In fact, it will be hard. It will hurt sometimes.

But remember your former glory, and all the wonder you evoked.

Change your morals. Listen to the voices of the past. 

If you repent, dear land, you will find restoration.

You can achieve greatness again, and perhaps it will surpass even your former glory.

America, you were great once and you can become so again.

This poem is about: 
My country


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