The Great Migration


If we knew then what we know now
That there were worms in their tea
That woes and headaches awaited us
At the end of the road beyond the seas
We would have pleated our dreams at home.


If we knew then what we know now
That their sunlight was cold, I mean cold
That even crickets have arthritis in the world
These fingers would’ve caught the frown on our faces
And told impatience to wait for our ship to come from sea.


Strange we never prized the music at home
Till the sweet-voiced birds had flown
And I wonder if we could gather up again
The sunbeams lying in the dust along village lanes
Casting out the alien thorns and chaffs into Hell?


Can we find our sweet comfort again
At the ‘place we call Home’ and gather
Our blessings in the sweeter accents
Of those lips now with the seal of silence
And hidden behind portals of the tomb?


If only you know the pain you feel inside
If only you could see the tears you cry at night
If only you could hear your hopes screaming
And all your dreams dying, maybe then
You'd understand, how much you miss You



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