Lead Hands

Fri, 09/15/2017 - 22:30 -- Neftee


United States

Lead hands,

Too heavy to move,

I would have built you a mountain.


I no longer care.


I just have one thing to say.


“Fuck you.”


I was bleeding


of red and white

when I lost my mind

That frightful night.



and sliced my wrists

are zebra print

but my face is blue,

with you still insisting

your fight is true.


You killed me.

Here in this room

its done.

You told me it was worth it,


it never was.


Uncle Sam

has got a mission.

Younger men have held a gun,

but the bullets filled with lies,

and your end has just begun.


We have cops to stop the crime.

And crime to feed families,

I reckon if the families payed taxes

they wouldn't be worth your time.


The world is a paper towl,

we are a drop of water.

We are causing wrinkles,

but we will be absorbed

within the hour.


Sucked up,


and no more.

The people.

We The People






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