Those who are blind left in the dark

the dumb without books

the handicapped floored

the young ignored


hundreds Of millions of heads

twice the number of eyes

all of empathy Sheds

and liberty dies


Chained to the past

shackled in their actions

in a role they have been cast

The impoverished's progress stunts


And as the underpriviledged fall

the oh so blessed rise

gaining it all

the winner is the despised


Yet it is the way of life

what makes us succeed

there must be strife

as from you the wealth will bleed


Bound by tradition

rutted by culture

broken rungs above them

suffering the ills in society that aren't yet cured


hundreds of years

changes to the norm

no results form the tears

too strong we conform


with courage we fought

together we stand

united by God

a nation of the damned

This poem is about: 
My country


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