the people are protesting

the people are


some michigan fool carried a 

confederate flag in the street

(doesn't he know

it isn't his flag that

is the flag of 

my people we

bled under that

years ago

and then made

others bleed under it

years ago

doesnt he know

the redneck boys 

in their pickup trucks

call that their heritage

and we can debate

I am sure we can debate

about if the flag is

good or bad

evil or pure

I personally do not think

carrying it is

tasteful and does not

make me any prouder

of these Southern Roots

because the red 

on that flag reminds me of the

blood of slaves

and sharecroppers

and the blue on that flag

reminds me of the 

dark blue of a sky

African children could not see chained

from the hull of a 


and the stars on that flag

remind me of the 

white of the skin

of my people who

were not kind

regardless still it

is the flag of my people

we fly it at the

courthouse and 

over the cemetery

and my many gone grandfathers

lie next to men of the same year

who have Confederate Soldier

marked on their worn graves

and it is their flag it is the flag

they wept for and 

died for and

left their mothers for 

but some

Michigan Fool 

now thinks it is his

as if he can understand what

that one flag means to a


what that one flag has

done to us Southerners

torn between our roots and

knowledge that our

history is not gentle

but some Michigan Fool

now thinks it is his)

people are


block up the roads ye

silly little people

block up the roads

and wave flags that 

aren't yours and 

scream about your rights

as if the Founding Fathers

were not terrified of their 

little hellions of children

block up the roads and

keep the doctors from their work

and complain that you

have not seen the hairdresser

"my roots are showing"

yes yes they are they are showing well now

block up the roads and say the

government is taking your rights well

better your rights than my father's life

he is not healthy and he is old and he is tired and i would rather

your roots show dammit and you be stuck in the house dammit than 

to see my father in a hospital bed or God forbid 

a coffin

block up the roads and say the

government is taking your rights well

better your rights than my mother's life

better your rights than your mother's life and

oh you will scorn us little sheep

so silly for valuing


and liberty


this is not the Revolution you are not 

patrick henry or whoeveer the hell it was 

who died swinging singing saying some

often repeated quote about liberty and death

oh you will scorn us little sheep

who worship not the Constitution or God well I

pray every night fools like you don't

end up killing someone I know

and I have read the Constitution and she's a good old thing but

staying inside is not I say is not

the end of the world or the nation

fear Tyranny, I agree, such is wise, that is wise

(doesn't that flag that

you wave like it is yours

not remind me that to 

fear Tyranny is a good thing that

to stare distrusfully at the governmet

is a natural thing 

oh yes I know 

I do not trust those wild ones in Congress

and my flag that you hold

like it is yours

reminds me why)

fear Tyranny, I agree, such is wise, that is wise 

guard your liberties like the 

wary lioness guards the cubs but

I also fear Stupidity 

and I also fear Disease

and I also fear these two combined together

such as you displayed

when you blocked up the streets

kept the doctors from their work

and held the 

flag and 

in general acted

obnoxious and selfish


yes the economy is an important thing but

in italy they cannot 

have funerals and the doctors there must

choose who lives and dies and

in New York people are dying 

and didn't you know in 1918 the

Supreme Court said freedom of speech

doesn't apply during war and 

don't you know Abe Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus and 

imprisoned political enemies

(these are things us Southerners know)

so if you have to 

stay inside and let your roots go white

during a global pandemic then I say

sit down and

stay inside

and when the sun comes out again

then you can go and work and 

get your roots dyed to hide that nastiness

you call a soul

and Tryanny, Economy, Liberty, these

are all important things

but for a moment calm down and

just see that the nation 

is going to be okay

why are us children so much

calmer than you adults? 

for a moment calm down and 

put down your flags,

you are neither

Revolutionary nor Confederate nor Hero. 





This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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