America's Heart

America I used to feel your heart beat.

I don’t feel it anymore.

Has it been taken by the demons that now rule you?

Where has your heart gone?

Was it taken by the corrupt politicians?

Was it taken by the violence among your brothers and sisters?

Or the pain in a mother's heart wishing to see her child one more time take to early by a man with a gun or worse the cop with the gun.

Or is it that our culture is founded on oppression.

Our girls starve themselves to reach a standard of beauty that is unobtainable.

What has happened to America is it still the land of the free?

The American heroes our young boys are supposed to look up to are beating their wives and killing their friends. 

Innocent until proven guilty mindset is no longer true, instead it's you are guilty until you prove your innocence.

But even this isn’t true the guilty are free and the innocent in jail.

The system that is supposed serve justice is working against the people.

America why can’t I feel your heart?

Where have you gone?

Have your forsaken your people?

The evil that has plagued you has made your heart stop beating.

You feel for the mother that has lost her son too early.

For the innocent that have lost their lives to a 6 foot by 8 foot room pleading for someone to listen to them.

For the people scared to be who they are.

The society that has become based on oppression has hurt you.

Your heart has stopped beating.

Will you be resuscitated?

This poem is about: 
My country


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