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It's all about phases we humans go passed
The way we want to find ourselves
To define who we are

As being the first to go
The oldest in my family
I set the path my two sisters are destined to follow

I've made mistakes
But then pressed hard on the brakes
To stop hurting others with my intended risks

I thought that i had to be the "Pleaser"
The puppet my parents ruled over
And the daughter who suppose to be absolute

I endured the chains
I set their fantasy
No amount of time was ever happy

I realized that giving in wasn't a solution
Neither was giving them the satisfaction
What do i do? Rebel?

I did. I rebel-ed.
It made "it" better.
"It" being my perspective.

I shared life through my lens to the creators.
I told them i had rights.
I yelled till i fell to my knees.

I fought my battle.
The battle of being my own person
Letting me become reborn.

They understood but took it a different direction
They abandoned the support i needed
And left me to mature immensely

Now, i'm a lady struggling
To go and stretch my education further
Finding the one factor to succeed

Thank you mother and father
Thank you for letting me do things on my own
This is what i needed but...

I wish i had the funds
I wish i wouldn't worry as much
I wish i had done the kill before the hunt

Because you forgave me
If still you help me through
The sinkholes and confusion of the world

You. Both of you are my motivation.
To transition
Into the beautiful young woman i will be

So i say to others
Not to regret
Not to give in

Use the remote control
And go milestone by milestone
than skipping the rocks to get something that isn't.

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