The Truth About America

Land of the free and home of the brave,

A place with endless opportunities that outsiders crave,

A nation where the flag of red, white, and blue, constantly wave,

This is America.


With a government run for the people by the people,

Religious tolerance at temples, churches, and cathedrals,

And where public education is free of charge and all races are to be equal,

This is America.


It is also home to millions with no place to stay,

Struggling to get by each passing day,

While one percent of the population make up most of the nation's pay,

This is America.


A country where people are still fighting for basic human rights,

Undocumented immigrants struggling to stay out of sight,

And the police no longer serving as the public safe light,

This is America.


This is what millions call home,

To make changes we must come together, not stray alone,

A land that encourages imagination and big ideas to roam,

This is America.


Like every country, there are the good sides and the bad,

The numerous experiences and life-changing memories are to be had,

And for me, there is not a doubt in my mind and I surely am glad,

This is my America.


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My community
My country
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