America the Equal?


United States
39° 56' 17.0088" N, 82° 29' 29.4684" W

Deep within a hot blistering day the
trees swaying whilst the wind is
array. The sun illuminates the slaves
scared slays and America fails to
open her young eyes.

Deep within a cold dark night
the moon waning whilst the world
started changing. The stars glimmer
as their only light and confederate
America closes her arrogant eyes.

Deep within a wet stormy evening the
rain falling whilst the clouds rumbling.
The bullets and cannons flash
against the sky and divided America
shows tears in her sorrowful eyes.

Deep within a sweet dew morning the
birds chirping whilst the morning
glories are blooming. The sunrise
paints across the sky and restored
America shows hope in her eyes.

Deep within a somber feeling, their
lives reaping what they were always
seeking. The freedom she fills within
our hearts and equal America shows
no judgement in her proud eyes.

Deep within a utopian dream, some
live true and others at fault for their
rudeness seen. The soul of her
culture not fully healed and America
shows anticipation in her yearning


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