America the Free

In America, we are free

To do what we wish

Thus, with joy we cry

And oh how we pray

That freedom has not died

For if she dies we are lost

'Cause she is our one true friend


In school, I feel lost

They say that to be me is where I am free

But for me to be me is why I pray

For them to see me as male is my wish

This is why they cry

They see my identity as an enemy; not a friend

I know America’s freedom, for me, has died


Some say the American way’s been lost

That greed has become our one true friend

And with money, politicians pray

To gain the power from their wish

They care not who on the way has died

As long as to do what they want is free

For you or me they won’t cry


They say without their guns they are lost

For me to be able to forgive them I pray

Because they got their wish,

A depressed soul known as my friend

Was easily able to obtain what she thought would set her free

By the trigger of that wretched gun, she died

And to this day her friends and family still cry


Five times a day they pray

Such piousness--yet we consider them an enemy; not a friend

‘Cause the Twin Towers were lost

“All Muslims are evil,” they cry

Some won’t stop ‘til they all have died

But all they wish

Is merely for their chance in the land of the free


To forget what I know is my wish

Selfish, I know, to want innocence that was lost

Fear engulfs when I recall the world’s cry

Lies about global warming, lies about justice, lies when an innocent has died

To repent America and her sins is why we pray

We want the old America, our friend

Most of all we want to be free


Oh yes we pray for our wish

And cry for what we lost, ‘cause

Our friend, America the free, has died.


This poem is about: 
My country


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