The Knowing Patriots

In the constant praise for our country

We forget the misery and suffering

That persists within so insidiously.


We have worked tragedy unto others

The real calamity is how we let it be

That the silence stifles and smothers.


Be the knowing patriots, they

Who are ever the critic, not

To hate, but to show the way.


America, the land of the free

A place of new beginnings

A hotbed of uncertain hypocrisy.


Be the knowing patriots, they

Who seek to speak out to bring

Truth into the light of day.


America, my beloved birthplace

Where the right to be human

Is overshadowed by one's race.


America, where the right to be

Is contested by religion, a creed

That which strives to create unity.


Be the knowing patriots, they

Who see the blood and shame,

And mourn how we've gone astray.


An end to the suffering

Where death knells are silent

And wedding bells freely ring.


It is indeed the death of values

When our protectors and saviors

Stain this country with crimson hues.


Wake, America of freedom

Find us once more, and

Deliver to us your wisdom.


Our streets fill with the protest

And the grief of the bereaved

Who cry out and cannot rest.


Do not lament the death

Of the values of family, when some

Of ours no longer draw breath. 


Be the knowing patriots, they

Who champion progress and

Freedom, where once none lay.

This poem is about: 
My country


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