America the Silent, America the Spoken

Simply stunning

stars on a block of blue fabric

blown by the wind,


left and right

like the bullets between

our soldiers

and our world enemies,

claims to stand for all.

They shine (not so surprisingly) only white—

uniform, sharp, elite.

As one who flies underneath a rainbow sky

the countries continuing practice

against all those of a different color,

creed, or robust nation,

is disconcerting beyond belief.

Oh, does that banner wave

on a breeze of systematic racism,

faltering education, and

dangerous violence—

but most of all,


However, where there is a poem,

there is the power of voice—

a voice from

a nation

founded upon the freedom

of speech.

Simply share, and there is

hope to change,

to grow,

to ensure the foundation

does not


It is that banner which I

support— spangled

supportive, and

simply stunning.

This poem is about: 
My country


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