Lower Echelons

Just have fun

Would have begun 

If my worries didn't leave my mind in a blurry

A flurry of bad thoughts

Sad thoughts of me claiming its my fault

I fall and default to ending it all

Nothing smooth

Erratic habits 

Like darting eyes 

And shaky hands 

Nothing understands communication 

Not within this nation

Where money equals education 

And legislation 

Is for corporation 

My taste in 

Not wasting 

Time through lies

And ties with myself 

That defy my rhyme 

And I mime my own style

Fake smile to pretend I'm dialed 

In to what you're saying

As if you're not spraying shit

To hide the scent 

Of resentment 

As you're stretching lies

Who even tries 

To having meaning

How many of us are dreaming

And Start screaming 

When we see life teeming

With these demons

Don't complain

You know the game 

If I'm insane 

Then it's prolly pain


And seeking refuge 

Deep ties like a nephew

Whoever left you

Will regret you

When step to

The hardships of life

And scream they need a refuge

Take cover 

In real brothers

Who actually care for each other 

There for the cold stares

And hard glares 

Of world that would never care





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country




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