Make America Great Again,

America was Great.


America was Great,


The third friday,

The 20th,

That’s when the phrase

Make America Great Again

Made any sense at all,

America was great.



America is full of hate,

Great and hate,

A rhyme that even our current president,

Obviously not willing to educate,

Could make.


We made progress,

Now we fight for the media,

We made progress,

Now we fight for civil liberties,

We made progress,

Now we fight for love.


We fight for peace.


Healthcare and education,

Not in this administration.


We fight for peace.

We must steal justice.

We must bankrupt the cabinet of billionares,

We must make a future and an environment

Suitable for our posterity.


We fight for peace.


So yes,

America was Great,

Make America Great Again.


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My country
Our world
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