Free of the free


Freedom isn’t free, a government system,
to plead innocent, when no one listens
it’s corrupted, from such visions.
One world taunt, speak up!
We never say of speech, the younger generation won’t be teach’d.
In silence, we trust, Obama, dictatorship is must.
Sworn an Oath of false hopes.
When we voted nope.
America land of the free, but always a penalty.
Price of our lives, living in lies.
Rich gets richer, feeding from the working class.
Each day its a repeat of the past.
Your brother, father, mother, and significant other
Leaves the door, of what we call war.
Shit in the head, left for dead, forgotten.
Who are we really fighting?
So say good-bye to the miss, was that last kiss worth it?
But we can always repopulate.
Controlled soul mates, to create war demon’s.
A future I call treason, evil politicians.
We need to be the reason of over our Government
To stand up, sealing them to cement.
Revamp our dollar cent
America, oh America land of the free.
Is this Germany, manifested by Nazi’s(?)
We’re in a prison.
The black office, is just a shit—-man.
Who has the real voice, with the microphone in it’s hand?
New World Order, in existent, looking over the shoulder
Time to repent, it’s right around the corner
Media controlling the eyes
Making lies, to truth
Listening now? Livid?
That times are now shifted.
A sadden ‘marrow of no today.
Supporting terrorism such as the boston parade…..


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