Upside Down

Oh someone turn them right side up
I think they’re pining after a dream with no luck
‘Cause maturity will find them
Freed but still chained.
Dry it still rains

Their tears will fall upside down.
How does leaping feel now?
And they will run backwards into the sun;
Breaking childhood promises until it’s done
It’s not done...

With a plea in their lungs
And a will to be done
They hitch up their gowns and toss
their caps to the wayside
For the start of a new life

Kids running on the ceiling
Growing with the feeling
Of never ending fear.
A never ending year

Is what I get to decide
If gravity will hold me
or will I list against this life?
They will graduate to settle down
and fall into the sky
Oh the world has burst open
It’s upside right

My tears will fall upside down
How does flying feel now?
And I will run towards the sun
Breaking past barriers until it’s done
It’s not done...



The prospect of ending one chapter of your life and beginning another is terrifying. It's sort of like riding a bike for the first time again. You will fall and you will fail but soon you will learn to right yourself.

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