Hope You're Blessed

I'm Into beats 

That start up is sweet 

So I'm ready to leap

Not to compete 

That's for survival 

That's not a lie though 

You know you gotta show

How flows can leave your foes froze

Stuck in bad luck with few fucks

To give 

Cuz they live to survive 

Ride to die 

No point to every try

Because the essence of your soul

Is hard to control

When we feel fleeting

Most hit the road

Straight to Change

Set to leave the strange

Head banging games

Where music is the most sane

And leaders deplete us

Of cash in the name of Jesus

Or teach kids 


Peep this 


Of the suit and tie guy

Built off of lies

Denies that it matters

Making masses madder,

Sadder than chatter 

At a funeral,

Still musical 

Amusing show 

Just to blow 

The stress off 

The chest 

And invest in the duress 

Of hurting people less 

Hoping to God you're blessed

Cuz it seems impossible 

To get out of life's mess

So most impress 

To rest 

And caress 

Their fear so insecure

If someone's near 

Change gears 

Burst into tears

The real bubbling 

Bomb underneath deep skin

Any chance to advance 

With improv plans

Closer to a man 

I recommend to pretend you have friends

Then in the end 

You'll begin 

To see how easily 

Snakes breed 

Breathing to conceive dreams 

Of quick money making schemes 







This poem is about: 
My country





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