Red, White, and... You


By: Saranda R

Our flag waves in the ocean of pride that envelopes this country

With its economic strides and setbacks that we criticize

Adding to the problem, not developing a solution

You see, we ostracize our politicians, but we’re the ones who put them into office

So maybe instead of talking, we should listen and make informative decisions

Or are we just lazy? Fulfilling the stereotypical image of what an American is

Red, White, and blue


But what can you do to play a part in a new revolution

A new type of nation, a new way of thinking

Maybe even going back to the American Dream

Where this nation was built on the principle of freedom

Yeah we had our downfalls, but we got back up

Shown through Hitler’s disgusting display of “perfection”

To the idea that black people served one purpose

And now believing one love is gender specific, but It isn’t the dream

Equality is what we seek,


What is the true definition of being an American

I hope it is someone who believes in that dream

Someone who knows that we all are immigrants

And every time we sleep, we fantasize of ways to make that dream a reality

Once Only displaying its presence in the background, one re-emerging attempt after the other

But what we need is to unite, together, and lend a hand to that ambition

So it can thrive and this nation can truly be United

The old ways we can fight it…

This nation is nothing without the people

Together, We watch our flag salute

Red, White and… You



"we should listen and make informative decisions" Textbook solution (instead of being stupid, lets be smart) but its not so easy, there's a reason why we dont just "grow up", and it needs to be searched for. Not getting the lazy... red, white and blue  part, and besides, there's no shortage of people who think the country needs to be put on track, but how to find that specific track is the problem. In order to unite, we must stand united behind something, some set of principles, however broad that is.

All in all, a few too many generalities, calling out the american dream and "america founded on freedom". Goes off topic with blacks and gays, if anything focus on the line "equality is what we seek." We should put america back together, sure, but why, and what exactly is great about america (is it equality?).

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