Separate but "Equal"


They tell my people to go back to their country

as if our nation's origin didn't come from immigrants.

As if when they acquired land from the Mexican-American War,

they kept their promise and treated my people with respect.

As if our nation wasn't built on the backs of slaves

with slave owners admiring their destruction of the union.


They make fun of my people. My neighbor's people. My president's people.

Because we look different, so we're supposed to be treated different.

Because whenever we thought of America,

the thought of all men are created equal came to mind

and we found out that it was a lie.

Because we work low-wages to keep you satisfied with desirable jobs,

and then we're told to go back to our country.

How foolish of my people, my neighbor's people, and my president's people.

They should have known that The Declaration of Independence is immaterial,

for the revolution is still going on.




Wow, I really like your style. It's easy to see this is coming from the heart. Nicely done.

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