You Will Not Take My Nation From Me

America the Great,

The land of the free,

This is my home

And you won’t take it from me.


We split from Britain

In a bloody war, where

Brothers fought brothers, and

Friends became enemies.


In the end we came out

Battered and bruised,

But we had our freedom,

And we would become a nation improved.


Then we fought them again

In 1812, proving once more

That we were no longer a nation

To be pushed to the floor.


The others still saw us

As a nation of futility,

And then we turned on each other

Unable to take responsibility.


The South seceded,

The North fought back,

The slaves escaped to freedom,

And our nation suffered from brutal attacks.


Covered in blood and limbs

The Appomattox Courthouse placed a bandage

On a divided nation that has yet to heal, a permanent scar

That reminds us of the damage from back then


And though the division has yet to fade

As a nation we’ve come together to face

Those who attack us

And think they can win


When terrorists hijacked our planes on that day

The whole nation was scared and shocked to the core

And when no one could do anything to stop the attack

American citizens refused to let our nation be done for


Those on the plane were all heroes that day

And are forever remembered to have not died in vain

For when terrorists tried take what was ours

We refused them success at the cost of our pain


Because no matter what issues we have

No matter the divisions we face

This land is our home

And we will not let anyone remove us from this place


Even as times get rough

And politics continue to divide

We’ll find ways to come together

And I’ll tell the government they can’t take what’s mine


Together we stand

United we fall

We’re stronger together

And we refuse to let out voices be small


America, America, the land of the free

It may not be perfect, but it’s perfect to me

This is still my home

And I refuse to let you take it from me.

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My country
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