Blood on My Flag


Welcome to my country

My home and my land

My pride and joy


My country

The place of freedom

Of apple pie and lemonade

Which smells of success and wealth

The stories which hold the foundation up


My country

One that people have fought and died for

But haven’t quite gotten their thanks

Or those who hold the worlds cash

And receive a free pass


My country

That doesn’t acknowledge a child’s existence until hatred is their downfall

Where a mental struggle is not helped

And instead these are put away for the world not to see

Where what is not understood is evil

And a cause for violence with no end


My country

Where a God who you praise is determined the cause of assault and hatred

Where people are pulled from their homes and walked miles

To a reserve that was hastily given to them

Where a small girl loses her mother

A small boy loses his father

By the ones we were supposed to trust


My country

One that uses weapons of pure destruction

In the name of all which is “good”

Attempting to help another race

But would sooner die in a war then let them near

Where a woman's body isn't her own or her choice

And therefore is taken as the object she is


My flag is red

A blood red smeared from those who didn’t deserve to have theirs run

Freedom is enjoyed by those who don’t understand what they have

The flag is a sickly red

That reminds those that my country holds freedom from out of their reach


This is my country

This is the place I call home

At least

It’s what I’m supposed to call home

This poem is about: 
My country


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