A Nation's Pride


Numerous years past, through our eyes, is the founding of our country, yet in perspective, just a few decades. As the hourglass empties and is turned upon the beginning of yet another generation, the very doctrines on which the construction of our nation began have been forgotten. Freedom, honor, respect, the very bricks of our once sturdy foundation, sadly, have deteriorated. As all things do in time. This is simply an inevitable aspect of this crazy continuum we deem life. No, I will refuse to accept such pessimistic statements. For if this is life then why bother? Through the eyes of many, that which is broken, must be replaced. While not being false in this acquisition, the more prevalent principle is being overlooked. Being human as we are, mistakes are bound to occur, often tearing us from that or whom we love. Upon such an occurrence our immediate reaction is that of hope. A hope not only not to be benched, but for a second chance at the plate. Things, though inanimate, can also be deserving of a second chance. Therefore, the recently crumbled bricks of our foundation are not in need of replacement but renewal. Though patriotism has been masked by the fog of time, clear skies await on the day in which the pillars of our foundation are restored. God Bless America


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