I Am American

I Am American

I am American, home of the brave and free,

I am American, where dawns early light glints of the handgun cellphone, something in his pocket can't tell what it was BANG BANG BANG

I am American, of firm handshakes and apple pie, 

I am American, where bombs burst through air in the sky, in another land, on foreign soil, spilling foreign blood, childrens blood, little boy blood, goodbye goodbye goodbye. 

I am American, where white picket fences are everywhere. 

I am American, and I sit and watch the blood galleantly streaming on the sidewalks of our cities, blood so red, spilled from skin so dark

I am American, where anyone can be anything,

I am American, our flag a stripe of white next to a stripe of red, red, red, red bodies everywhere- under the ground lay rivers of the men and women we killed as we steal their water.

I am American, free as the eagle flys high, 

I am American, no refuge in my emotionless stare, indifferent to the people hanging there, swinging left to right, bodies we strung up like lights to a dark future.

I am American, and I'd lay down my life for this country. 

I am American, and I have laid down lives, countless lives, "In God we trust" trust him to worship us for the many souls we have thrust up in the air at him in sacrafice for our costly price of being American. 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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