America Look At You


America look at you.

Look at yourself and finally see that the problem you're fighting is you and not they.

The closing of your boarders, the cocking of your guns,

None of this will put food in the stomachs of starving children.

It will not shade our down and out brothers and sisters.

It will not fix our educational system which cares more about money than knowledge.

It will not release our brothers of color or empty out the prisons,

Nor will it rehabilitate our young;

It will not get addicts the attention they need.

It will not make us love each other more.

America when will the health of your people mean more than the cost of war?

When will it mean more than the selling of souls?

How much is a dollar when your children are killing each other at the point of a gun?

How many families must be broken before the massacre is done?

When will other countries see us as anything other than a bully?

America, why are we a bully?

Why do we create rules that we expect others to follow when we don't want them for ourselves?

Why do we get the freedom of movement while we close our doors to our fellow human?

When will you love us all as those who are created equally under God, Amen?

America when will money be worthless, so we buy our food with basic need?

Make a living with compassion and love?

America when will poets get to stop shouting to the rhythm of the beats?

When will you be something Ginsberg would be proud of?

When will you look at the flaws that have been shouted about from your conception?

America, the land of the free and home of the brave.

America, put your guns down and keep your children safe.


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