Freedom Is Not Free


When you wake up to go downstairs be glad you have a bed,

for those in far countries who serve to protect don’t have a place to lay their head.

When you eat your breakfast and watch the news think about the ones,

Who don’t have good food and don’t have the news but instead start firing their guns.

When you jump in your car and drive to school stop a minute to appreciate,

the ones who have to work and live in poor conditions and not even know their fate.

When you go to school and complain about homework ponder a minute and wonder,

about those who would rather do homework instead of fighting in the midst of plunder.

When you go with your friends to buy yourself some new things remember those afar,

Can’t buy nice things and can’t enjoy luxuries and can’t be in possession of a car.

When watching T.V. or playing video games visualize a place,

Where lives are cut short and people walk around with a sad and depressed face.

When you go to eat with your family at night consider the thought that maybe,

A soldier far away can’t come home to see his family or his new baby.

When at night, when on your knees, when you want to pray,

Think about those fighting for your freedom, for they fight every day.


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