Our America in the 21st Century

Sat, 10/13/2018 - 15:46 -- Halah

We need to have control.

Not control on how we’re taught or what we wear,

but on the weapons put on display to be seen everywhere.

We’ve had enough shootings; we’ve seen it right before our eyes.

My generation has heard every one since Columbine.

We’ve seen this world disintegrate,

watched our country be filled with people’s hate.


We’ve seen Nazis running the streets

and have a President who seems to do nothing but Tweet.

We’re tired of this, tired of this mess;

if adults really cared about us, wouldn’t they help?

We’ve tried rising up, but we get shot back down.

Both literally and figuratively by the adults in the town.

Don’t you see like this, no one can win?

Kids now are safer in a war-torn country than the schools they’re forced to be in.


Give it up.

Yes, it’s our amendment;

everyone says it,

but when students have died

and too many people have cried,

this is where we have a problem.

Why are we so obsessed?

It’s making families stressed;

kids are afraid,

they say, ‘what if it’s my day?’

How much longer will we let this continue? My high school is rural, but gun owners are plural.


And we’re tired.

Tired of week after week,

seeing on screen,

yet another family’s child taken.

Rules should be implanted for this reason.

Kids shouldn’t have to be the price to pay

to keep your ‘big-boy toy’ away.

But why can’t adults see this?


We want to make changes, but we’re constantly faced with

adults always telling us ‘No.

It’s our right; the Constitution says so.’

We’re getting sick as a nation,

can’t we deal with some adaptation?

Our Constitution is alive,

meaning it can be revived, to fit all the needs of the times.

This is our America.

Gun obsessed,

Kids’ deaths, White House is a mess;

can’t we see?

this isn’t humanity.


Humanity is loving each other.

But officers are scared of your color.

Have a phone and you’ll die,

but only if you’re not white.

Or at least that’s the mentality.

This really isn’t free.

God help us, please.

This poem is about: 
My country


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