For Freedom

The story begins long ago,

A new world they called it,

Ready for civilization.

Like a diamond in the dark,

Its heart began to pump the blood

Of freedom.


Freedom from

And freedom to,

It was an amber age ordained by God

Unto those who would fight for Good.

The battle began and rages on

For freedom.


The newborn heart was strong and resilient,

And as they fought to defend it

They proved with their blood

That the war they fought

Was one of their own hearts mended

With freedom.


The next hundred years would pass in a blur,

With wars, and a boom, and depressions,

The growing heart was toughened and tried,

The meaning of freedom extended.

The American mission was set to spread

Her freedom.


And soon it was that victory was claimed,

The free world had reached the top.

The glassy clear water of the American dream,

A mirror for each man, each a small America,

He would see his own potential conceived

In freedom.


But then the unforeseen was born;

Rebellion had its start.

Perhaps much less for a captive hand

And much more a captive heart.

A distant memory, the forgotten source

Of freedom


The busy voices and business noises,

America the great world power.

The fight in her continues still.

Let's live for God and fight to make

America's greatest hour.

For freedom!


America the beautiful! 

Its beauty is not gone!

There is much good, it's all around,

In love, family, our wives and children,

Fight for these, and mend the world

With freedom


So, freedom is the end we seek,

Not fairness, justice or equality.

The challenge now is just to see, 

That prison bars surround the heart,

Of individuals and thus the Unity.


The words of Kipling in stone are set

"Lord of Hosts, be with us Yet"

For now we ask,

Did we forget?


And now the point is clear to see,

The key fore-written, must clearly be,

That each American must fight for "we".


And so ring out the rally cry,

For God! And country! And brotherhood! I'll die


For freedom

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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