My tears drop silently

Through the misty air

Nothing can be heard 

If we ever cared

What's in it for me

Besides putrid insanity

What will it take to rise

Destroying my disguise

That got labeled as an average guy

 I wonder why I decided to try

Knowing most will just get by

And never ask why,

Questioning is weaponry 

Against those who lie

So don't be afraid 

No need for tears

After all these years, 

Living in the worst,

I considered home a fear, 

Near the gunshots

I'm guessing the drug spots,

And some crazy reason why someone's 

Body dropped,

Is this the plot?

All for the cash,

Spend it so fast,

It wasn't meant to last,

Disaster is plastered 

Upon stretchers,

Taken away 

till the day 

When midnight seems to fade away,

And the misty air gives a faint glare

To those who state they care


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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