(America Poem) a Quartet of horse-Men/Women/People/Children of Apathetic Apocalypse! and redemption-

part one:


Is this how you think? I am trying to understand


1.1: the moderate


I dressed my baby!*

*New Notification: Becky Spicer liked, and commented "How Cute!"

up in red white and blue,

Dunked her/his head in Christ’s Koolaid at age two.

‘Oh this just sums up my feelings this week!’REpost*

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In an era of “political correctness”,

We’ve should be proud,

We will raise our children well,

to be impartial.

We are the mouthpiece to (i,e-)ensure the success of the next generation,

you know(?)!

We’ve lived through it all,

Liberals, take notes,

this is revolution.

You should come over for drinks sometime,

*New Gratification: Carter Pence liked, made new event. 

I can of course get a sitter!,

You should see my favorite centerpiece,

It’s a scrapbook momma gave me with our favorite scriptures:

13.1, 2+2=5, 26.1.


Isn’t this chit chat,

Intellectual musings on Fox, O’Reilly’s commentary, Vacations in North Korea, Political Correctness

What was meant by the “pursuit of happiness”?

“It is reported that Russia has begun concentration camps for gay men, more than three individuals have already perished.”

‘Didn’t I repost that video Sylvia and Rachel-is that what he goes by now?-created on BGL… GTB… BLT rights? Yes I did!,

I am helping.’


“Investigations have shown that Bangladesh’s, the site of the 2013 Rana Plaza Collapse, water supply has been polluted by local leather tanneries (many of which provide leather goods to the first world) and deemed undrinkable by scientists. The population, the majority of which are employed at these factories, cannot afford filtration systems nor another source of drinking water due to their pennies small wages.

‘I think I threw my cigarettes in the trash today? Yes... I did! After we stopped at Michael Kors to pick up some new leather heels, since my favorite pair was ruined by the hole burned into them when.. when I dropped my last cigarette. I’m so clumsy… it made for a good Facebook post though…..

I am helping in the ways I can.

God will save the earth.’

And when we gather around the piano,

only playing the bone keys-

“Protesters fill the streets, rioting, as they claim the black transgender individual died because of police brutality”


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this is so tiring, this is the generation to be offended! OUR *

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police/government/society is here to protect US,*

* New Gratification: Becky Spicer Smiled. 

can’t we all just love each other?”*

*New Gratification: Carter Pence Patted you on the shoulder. 

And sing our favs (that’s how you say it, right?),

those jingles and church songs from the good old days!




Oh, what fun in MY freedom!

I am proud to revel in PATRIOTIC exist(complac)ence.  


1.2: the ‘a(merica’s sweetheart)ctivist’

I love  Feminism

Huffington Post, National Geographic, Everyday Feminism, Viceland, Wall Street Journal?

I’m more of a Sylvia Plath type of gal.

Let’s be real,

Ain’t nobody got time for that shit.  

What?  Hold on

*thumbs tap “So Cute!” like a beat similar to the rap songs she doesn’t listen to because ‘we all know they are kind of ghetto’*

C’mon! Issa joke.

I Have Black Lives Matter on my twitter ban-


I’ll explain later,


tanning place is calling me, you know we got to serve looks at prom!


UGH, I am so tired…

I want to be, like,  (in process of interpretation, perpetuation of beliefs,  and, body)... Kylie Jenner healthy,

I think I deserve that.


Let’s Snap a Pic of our Vegan

Lunch For Insta!

(the end and the beginning of that  phrase have become interchangeable)

Let’s Spread the Message!

The worker asked “Are you looking for Fair-Trade or Organic?”

Girl, You know my pocket just can’t take that

I treated myself to a dream catcher poncho from Urban!


Did you mean Mimosas?


“That snake said WHAT about me????

Oh my GO$H she’s so


WHAT?  It’s not like THEIR here??

Hold on, Miley Cyrus just tweeted

‘Stop Objectifying Human Beings’







I want to be as iconic as like,




like Iggy Azalea’s girl squad Clueless.

that’s feminism.


i bet that would make a good tweet.


1.3:   the magapatriot



I made a baseball cap to support the blue.

I guess I could wear my Washington Redskins Shirts so I can portray all the colors of our great nation!


You know when I wooed my dearly beloved,

I sang to her

“Oh say can you see

I’ve manifested my own density

Independence and P(ropr)iet(ar)y


I love this country,

You are my Lady Liberty,

Showin’ those who come to my land this land is my land,

We run off of Wall Street,

And that’s the way it’s gotta be.”


I won her over with that sweet home alabama type love,

learned all I know from my ma and pa’s f(acebook, copy and pasted)eelings.

And since it’s love, it’s got to be okay.


I told my wife our love is as powerful as the bombs in Syria.

My father served in Vietnam.

We put him in a nursing home because PTSD interrupts Superbowl parties.

I have his American flag as a mantle piece.




They said in the Constitution I deserved to be happy.

I think I am loving my c(complacency)ountry.

It’s as natural as Adam and Eve.


1.4:   the b(eneficiary of)ystand(ing systemic oppression)er

I am not the type of person to let politics get in the way of FRIENDSHIP.*

*New Notification: 1k Retweets

That’s true equalit(complacenc)y.

My scars were never allowed  to healed


My stained hands are the same color that’s coming out of those (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16)  shots, been squeezed out of your heart, and pours out of your head from mental illness.

We are the same,

why are YOU trying to make us different.


you put that blood on my hands not me!!!!!

Can’t you snowflakes get it through your head?

We ALL bleed red.






What was that thing Lenin (Lennon) said?


“Love is all you need”


*New Notification: 60K Retweets


part two

(not to be interpreted to form separate from 1.1,1.2, 1.3,1.4, there is no exclusive starting point to revolution, but a singular general transcendence):




Ginsberg said  it best when he said

“It occurs to me that I am America,

I am talking to myself again.”

The preoccupation of the skull-crushing observation of the complacent will motivate change,

but the realization of the subtle lacks of difference between you and the oppressor,

and fostering internally one’s own solutions,

is the heart of repercussive individual revolution.


We must listen to our neighbors and brothers and sisters and siblings-

to the Sylvia Rivieras, the Frida Kahlos, the Noam Chomsky’s, the Laverne Coxs, The George Orwells, The Aldous Huxleys, The Amandla Stenbergs, the Radioheads, the Kendrick Lamars, of our generations,

who carry the identities we have and do not,

who exemplify America in its essence

to make it “Land of the free” through vulnerability.

to uplift all in our progression towards America’s promised doctrine.


And know,

we are  not in a minority of one.

When I’m flying I can see the lights of your souls dancing uniquely yet to the same beat,

I can see your rhythm of love,

I think the moderate/magapatriot/“activist”/bystander seethe because

we’ve been able to breath the intangible,


into a renaissance of physical permeation,

words, art, music, scripture, science…

I/we/you might be in United or American,

but absorb what you see down, up and all around,

sing in our strength of

i am loving,

i am kind,

we are king.  

Seesupportuplift the lights of your brothers/sisters and siblings rising.

True patriotism is this type of revolution.


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