Land of the Free


United States
38° 35' 50.8704" N, 121° 31' 52.6476" W

America. Land of the free.

A land where you can get married based on the gender you were born with, but not based on who you fall in love with.

America. Land of the free.

A land where a man can choose to wear a condom, but a woman can't make choices with her own body if that condom breaks.

America. Land of the free.

A land where a child who gets help from their poor parents can get aid, but a child who gets no money from their average income parents gets none.

America. Land of the free.

A land where men can have all the sex they want, but women are labeled as "sluts."

America. Land of the free.

A land where people can try to speak their mind, but only those with power will be heard.

America. Land of the free.

Is this was freedom really feels like?

America. Land of the free?



....i swear its like you have been reading my mind. this is amazing. i love love love it!


You have such an amazing insight of the hypocrisies of our country. We praise ourselves for being the "Land of the Free", yet the actions of our people go against personal freedoms and betray our weaknesses and stigmatizations against women, those of different sexual orientations or gender identities and for the other minorities that exist within our borders but fail to be helped and paid attention to. Absolutely amazing poem. Well done!!! Definitely keep writing more my friend!


I love the repetition and your statement. The clarity of your points should be sared, it's so sad how many people believe that these things don't happen. 


This Poem was really good. It made me start thinking about some of my own experince with questioning my own sexualty.

B Murphy

I love this, and that is something anyone rarely hears from me. It speaks the truth that most are terrified to voice. Thank you.



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