Greatness Could Be Achieved

America the great?

Some say so, others say no.

While life has improved for some

Many have had their lives worsened


Less are in college

And we’re supposed to be an educated country?

Those that do push ahead

Those that persist on their quest for knowledge

Are left struggling

In debt

and alone


All this, just to get a job

Or try anyway

More employment than ever before

More requirements to get what jobs one can find

And if you do manage to get a degree?

Instantly overqualified


How is one supposed to ever live

How is America supposed to be great

With the barriers society puts up

Did you know

Most believe racial relations

Are at an all time low?

Something so simple to fix

Be kind to your neighbor

Treat others how you want to be treated

Yet people refuse,

Thinking of anyone different

As less than them


America could be great

It’s better than in the beginning

Yet there is so much more

That can be done

So many more things people could do

To achieve that greatness

They just have to work together

This poem is about: 
My country


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