The Dream

America, the great dream

That lured so many

Still a renounced temptation


America the great dream of more

More land, more space, more freedom


You can breath

There is room to grow


Grow into rebellious children

Ruining tea

Breaking, still trying to push free of the shackles of oppression

Spear heading industry


Breath and grow free

Then stand up and fight for more


America the great dream

Of opportunity

Of more


Cutting teeth on cutting edge

We drew the curve with steel and steam


America the great, dream

Tempting with promises of opportunity


Come and breath free we scream!





“Bring us your poor”

Our gates say, we promise that American dream


But the orange order dictates only to those that

Look, speak, act, pray the same

So Cliché’


Founded upon oppressors seeking refuge to become more extreme

To the victors go the spoils, and the pen

The text books read,

The American dream, melting pot of society


Promises of compassion

That great American dream

Land of opportunity


The opportunity for qualifications to be over looked and out weighted

By gender


Think you are smart?

Your only oppertunity is to be locked up if your skin is too dark


The freedom

To pass up setting the bar and leading innovation

Because your faith tells you to turn a blind eye to melting ice caps

The world is flat


The compassion to


When help is within reach

Because you were not covered

Life is pre-existing


The compassion to sneer

And refuse relief from bodily functions

Because your god taught all were created equal

only if they are an X or a Y


America the great dream

Breath, reality

America the great dream

What a farce

We breath



No! Instead made

Forged of this, hard knocks learning

The rebellious child hands stained with tea

Broken shackles of oppression clacking

Still running the gauntlet of civilization

Challenged but not out of the race


Breath deep

Of opportunity

Of freedom

Of … compassion

America the great dream

The ever persistent child

Will not let go

Will not stop fighting for that dream and more


Breath is too deep

The dream has infected reality

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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