Divided States of America

United we stood,

divided we've fallen.

Our nation was never perfect but perfection can never be achieved.

No matter where or what country you live in,

harmony is a dream,

and we are not one team.

Equality is the goal but the government has stole

what it means to be human,

and what it means to be united.

These "United States of America"

have given power to a man

who split the country in two.

And now

one side parades the streets in cheer,

the others tiptoe the streets in fear.

Race has always been an issue but I thought it was getting better,

not worse.

But now we're back to minorities being a curse.

All lives matter,


but the lives that have a target on their back

because they are black,

are the ones we need to talk about,

to protect,

to respect.

Hate crimes are on the rise.

Half the country cries because

the other half believed the lies

of a man who likes to womanize,

and antagonize the disabled.

Half the country cries because

the other half want to see more than my eyes,

so they tear off my headdress and advise

that I go back to my own country.

It is not okay to treat others less than you

because of your skin color,

your sex,

your capability,

because of something humans have no control over.

No person chooses when,

or where,

or how,

or why they were born.

But what we can choose is to fight for what's right,

to take action into our own hands

and unite these lands

before we lose what it means to be



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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