Today I place my star-rimmed cap over my sunburned face

And gleam over the crowd with excitement and joy.

We are like the base of a great and mighty river after the storm,

With intermixed sediment from the highlands and lowlands

And scraps of leaves from many trees

Separate, but all joining itself as one soil.

This is the people of the land I call my own,

And for one day their spirits will be high.


So I laugh and cheer and enjoy the festivities

With my miniature flag and signature cup in hand,

With set sights and a head held high

I declare myself an American.


Yes, I declare myself patriotic,

But it is not because of the celebration I join in today.

It is not because of my signature cup

Or miniature flag

Or cap of red, white, and blue;

It is not about how loud I cheer

Or how long I stay

At the great festival of the famous fourth

That kindles hearts one day every year.


I am a patriot for this is the land I call my own

For I find pride and joy in the heritage

Of brave and faithful men and women,

Who gave it all for this – their home,

And I wish that I may follow their dream,

For my heart and mind is set

Upon the verdure and the passion

Of the simple patriot.


For every nation has its squabbles

Every nation has brooding hatreds

Every nation has its share

Of the shortsighted and the short minded

And the selfish hearts of red.

But America will be my banner

Because it is my homeland,

Because my dream is for her;

And today I sing my cry:

May the bravery and faithfulness

Of men and women past

Never be in vain;

May the fire and the heart

Of men and women present

Never die.


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