What's hard about being an american,
Is when I see a fellow brother begging from a can, 
When people pass by just because they can, when they cant even spare a cent, when that could help with someone's rent.
Red and blue flashing lights on street corners cause of a brother from another mother disrespected the other,
leaving a white outline of a person on a black pavement.
Red white and blue, the colors of america.
Individuals blinded by skin,
Rather than coming together on the color wheel, 
were hoping on the bandwagon of racism, 
Racing towards our demise, instead of opening our eyes
And stop believing white lies, from maggots who haven't even evolved into flies.  
Im being judged by the color of my complexion
People of different races colliding in the intersection
Many characters taking thing's out of content
Not looking at their own content of character before judging others. America.
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